New Swift - light and strong

Väderstad introduces two Swift models in the working widths 4 and 4.4 meters. Swift is a flexible cultivator with a low draft requirement and an example of Väderstad innovation in machine design. The first smaller Swifts will roll off the production line in January 2012.

Cultivator Swift

The German farmer Rainer Ackermann who runs Griesheim in the Thüringer Wald is impressed by Swift's work.

"Last summer we tested the Swift cultivator for the first time when the conditions were wet. After only a few passes it was clear to us this was just what we needed", he says.

"The tine spacing of 19 cm generates an intense mixing of soil and crop residue. In order to create the best permeability the Swift's design is open and the tines are well placed. This, together with the tine's vibrating intense work down to 15 cm convinced us. Thanks to the vibrating tines we get the soil finely cultivated, even more than with conventional tillage", he explains.

The optimal speed is according to Rainer 10-14 kilometers per hour.

Cultivator Swift

Flexible roller

The fact that Swift has no built-in roller was a key argument when making up his mind about the purchase according to Rainer Ackermann.

“This makes the Swift can work even in wet and difficult conditions when nothing else works. We can thus get air into the soil and increase its water storage capacity” he says.

“If we need further consolidation, we are on a roller by the cultivator, which creates an optimum seedbed. Right now is Swift in stump tillage and seedbed preparation, but the intention is to use the machines in the spring”, he says.

Rainer Ackermann is also impressed with the points durability.

- On our rocky fields, we have been cultivating over 500 hectares with Swift and only used one set of points, he concludes.

Cultivator Swift
Transport width is 3 m on all Swift models