Invests to host more visitors

Väderstad-Verken has recently made further investments in its Nybble Gård customer centre, near the Väderstad-Verken plant. Nybble Gård has been in use since the 1980s as a place for hosting visits, having discussions with customers and training customers and dealers in our technology and our different tillage methods and concepts. This training includes theory and a practical component where the machines are shown in work in the field outside.    

Nybble Farm

"The strong interest in Väderstad innovations is generating growth and has created a need for us to host greater numbers of visitors at a time. In May and June we expect to receive over 3000 visitors. This year the focus will be on the Strip-Till concept and we hope to hold a dialogue with our customers on how this North American technique can be adapted for European agriculture", says sales manager Fredrik Lundén.  

The rebuilding work will allow the centre to be used all year round, since it has been weatherproofed and a geothermal heating system has been installed. An extra 130 square metres over two floors have been provided, with a new lobby, better facilities and more scope for services. It is expected to be finalized during April.