Control function for exact results

Väderstad is now launching the Control function on its legendary NZ Aggressive harrow. This allows exact setting of tillage depth from the tractor while work is in progress. Therefore the harrow can easily be adjusted to work somewhat harder on headlands and in parts of the field where slightly deeper cultivation is desired.

“This innovation, which is based on the same principle as that on Rapid seed drills, means that the farmer can set the depth from the driving seat”, says Bo Stark Nordic sales manager at Väderstad.

The function allows very precise depth adjustment of the seedbed base will be standard on NZA from 2013. NZA has become even simpler to use.

Drawing Control function NZA
Through an ingenious hydraulic mechanism, the farmer can adjust tillage depth on the go

“The control cylinder is actually a cylinder with an adjustable bottom position. By adding or releasing oil, this bottom position can be respectively raised or lowered. This allows the working depth to be simply adjusted during work and the machine ‘remembers’ the latest working depth set. A clear scale shows the bottom position – i.e. the harrow depth set”, says Bo Stark.

NZA close up

Väderstad has supplied almost 25 000 harrows since the first one rolled off the production line in the early 1980s. The harrow has been upgraded on several occasions, but the advance made now by Väderstad with the introduction of the Control function is as great as that made in 2002, when NZ Aggressive was introduced.  

NZA with Rexius
NZ Aggressive 800 with Rexius

Väderstad revolutionised agriculture with the invention and introduction of Crossboard in 1995. Today a front Crossboard is standard and a rear Crossboard can be chosen as an option for additional levelling capacity.