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BioDrill on Swift offer new possibilities

By equipping Väderstad Swift with the mountable small seeder BioDrill BDA 360, the effective tine cultivator become a seed drill for small seeded crops. With the machine, the farmer Per Pålsson is...

Innovations creates a big difference in the field

The tine harrow Väderstad NZ Aggressive 500-1000 is equipped with newly developed 8 mm points. The result is seen in up to 50 percent increased working life in the field, depending on soil type. – ...
Väderstad Farm is taken to the next level 18/08/2016 New 50/80 point for excellent straw mixing 02/08/2016 Rexius; a key ingredient in slug- and blackgras... 14/07/2016 Rasso Schatz - new CEO for Väderstad Germany 04/07/2016 Väderstad invests in future precision farming 23/06/2016 Organic farm tests Spirit R 300S 15/06/2016 Launch of SoilRunner to Cultus 300-400 09/06/2016 Rapid — continuously adaptable 07/06/2016 Väderstad launches its SoilRunner packer for... 27/05/2016 Väderstad strengthens its position in Romania 18/05/2016 Väderstad views development positively 10/05/2016 "The output of Rapid gives us the confidence to... 29/04/2016 Rapid wins Finnish long-distance race 25/03/2016 Rapid 25 years 15/03/2016 New drilling system in aluminium for Tempo 26/02/2016 New combination solution for the Tempo R 09/02/2016 Tempo V is reaping success in Holland 19/01/2016 NZ Aggressive 700-1000 harrows get stronger... 04/12/2015 Large Spirit now in different combi versions 24/11/2015 Biggest Tempo to date 17/11/2015 Väderstad wins another prestigious prize 11/11/2015 Väderstad wins gold in Norway 02/11/2015 New front hopper for Tempo V 16/10/2015 New MD for Väderstad Denmark 13/10/2015 Even easier for farmers with redesigned Rapid A... 09/10/2015 Väderstad continues to recruit 23/09/2015 More models of the award-winning Opus 16/09/2015 Väderstad wins silver medal 09/09/2015 Tempo becoming even better 07/09/2015 Väderstad breaking new ground with SeedEye 01/09/2015 Spirit R - modern design and innovative technology 01/09/2015 Large Tempo with fixed frame 14/08/2015 Load-sensing hydraulics give Spirit 600C... 22/06/2015 Hydraulic cradle on Spirit 15/06/2015 High-mounted fan reduces dust intake 05/06/2015 New packer option for TopDown 29/05/2015 My Tempo keeps me from getting stressed 25/05/2015 Centrally-mounted following harrow on Spirit 20/05/2015 TopDown replaces plough to boost yield and redu... 30/04/2015 Väderstad E-Control is now available for Rapid... 23/04/2015 Blades give the Carrier high capacity in... 02/04/2015 New packer option for Carrier L and XL 05/03/2015 Väderstad wins "Machine of the Year 2015” at Sima 26/02/2015 1000 Väderstad Tempo delivered in two years 25/02/2015 CrossCutter Disc takes quick care of the rape... 19/02/2015 Look out for us at Sima 03/02/2015 Väderstad won the Ecocompany of the Year award 30/01/2015 Half of all customers choose E-Control for thei... 28/01/2015 Combat corn borer in maize silage 26/01/2015 New filling auger for Tempo F and Tempo T 12/01/2015