The ISOBUS terminal is an alternative to machine-specific terminals for controlling machines and implements. Having the same standard model in all machines and equipment makes work easier. The user can carry out many ordinary tasks such as storing work data, troubleshooting, headland automation using GPS, shutting off individual rows on Tempo, adjusting seed rate and within-row seed spacing, shutting off fertiliser dosing or adjusting fertiliser rate.

Väderstad machines equipped with compatible ISOBUS can control the seed drill and store data via Gateway. ISOBUS and Gateway are connected by cable.


The table below shows the electronic systems that different Väderstad machines can currently operate:

   ControlStation  E-Control  ISOBUS
Tempo F, T, R, V
 Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Rapid RDC, RDS  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Rapid RDAS, RDAC, RDAJ  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Spirit  Green tick    



Tractor with ISOBUS

Table: Vaderstad meets ISO 11783 ISOBUS version 3.
Status 2017-03-15
Please check in later for updates

 Make:  Model:   Specification
 Agco  C1000  Link
 Agco  C3000  Link
 AgJunction  Outback MAX  Link
 AgLeader  Compass  Link
 AgLeader  InCommand 1200  Link
 AgLeader  Integra  Link
 AgLeader  Versa  Link
 Anedo  CCI 100  Link
 Anedo  CCI 200  Link
 Case  AFS PRO 300  Link
 Case  AFS PRO 700  Link
 CLAAS  S10  Link
 Fendt  VarioTerminal 7"  Link
 Fendt  VarioTerminal 10.4"  Link
 Hansenhof  Farm Display  Link
 John Deere  Command Center 3000  Link
 John Deere  Command Center 4600  Link
 John Deere  GreenStar II 1800 Display      Link
 John Deere  GreenStar II 2600 Display  Link
 John Deere  GreenStar III 2630 Display  Link
 Kverneland  ISOMatch Tellus  Link
 Muller-Elektronik      Basic Terminal  Link
 Muller-Elektronik  Comfort Terminal  Link
 Muller-Elektronik  Touch 1200  Link
 New Holland  Intelliview III  Link
 New Holland  Intelliview IV  Link
 TopCon  X25-X30  Link
 Trimble  FMX  Link
 Trimble  TMX  Link
 Wachendorff  Opus A3  Link
 WTK  Field Operator 300  Link
 WTK  Field Operator 450  Link