The new Tempo L 16-24 Central Fill

World-record precision and enormous capacity. Now with both seeds and fertiliser in a central bulk system.

Coming - Summer 2022

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Aerial image of Tempo L

Large 7 200 litre hopper

To match the high-capacity output, the machines are equipped with a new central hopper that holds 2 200 litres of seeds and 5 000 litres of fertiliser, making a total of 7 200 litres. To ensure great access to both hopper compartments, there is a large platform on the side of the machine.

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High precision system

The technology behind the Central Fill system is very intuitive. There is no central motor metering out seeds - instead each row unit regulate the number of seeds needed to assist its individual high-precision PowerShoot seed metering system.

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Full capacity planters

The new machines, Tempo L 16 Central Fill and Tempo L 24 Central Fill, handles both seeds and fertiliser in a central bulk system. This means that they will complement the existing seed-only models in the Tempo L 8-32 Central Fill family.

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