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Campaign offers

During a limited campaign period from February 1st to March 12th we have special offers on selected genuine parts for NZ cultivators and Tempo planters.

Seed coulter for Tempo

Seed coulter 16mm Art. no 203795 (£62.91 Nett)
Seed coulter 22mm Art. no 203799 (£66.51 Nett)

Knockout wheels for Tempo

Knockout wheel Art. No 491615 (£2.07 Nett) Yellow
Knockout wheel Art. No 151282 (£2.07 Nett) Red
Knockout wheel Art. No 159120 (£2.34 Nett) Blue
Knockout wheel Art. No 499655 (£2.07 Nett) Grey

Seed plates for Tempo

One Tempo - Multiple crops.
For crops between 1,4 mm - 6,0 mm
All seed plates recommended price (£13.50 Nett)

Seed discs for Tempo

Fertiliser disc Art. no 180078 (£28.35 Nett)
Seed disc Art. no 223584 (£40.41 Nett)

Agrilla tines for NZ Harrows

AgrillaNova Art. no 201470 (£21.15 Nett)
AgrillaCobra Art. no 192215 (£24.21 Nett)

Following harrow tines for NZ Harrows

Following harrow tine 12mm Art. no 306239 (£7.11 Nett)
Double following harrow tine 12mm Art. no 445067 (£11.25 Nett)

HeavyDuty harrow point for NZ Harrows

HeavyDuty harrow point 20 batch 8mm thickness. Art. no 192213-20 (£58.41 Nett)

Marathon for NZ harrows

Marathon 25/35 Art. no 207053 (£26.91 Nett)
Marathon 15/25 Art. no 231775 (£26.91 Nett)

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