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Great deals for the season ahead.

Special offers on Marathon family, CrossCutter Disc and Seed coulters.


Campaign period:
15th May to 1st of July 2021.

Marathon 50mm

Art. No: 498382.
£55.71 nett




Marathon 50/80mm

Art. No: 205006.
£67.05 nett

Marathon 80mm

Art. No: 498383.
£66.15 nett




Marathon BreakMix

Art. No: 208117.
£67.05 nett

Marathon wing share

Art. No: 475311.
£111.60 nett



Marathon DeepLoosening

Art. No: 231773.
£151.20 nett

CrossCutter Disc Ø510

Art. No: 208022.
£56.61 nett




CrossCutter Disc Ø450

Art. No: 208020.
£49.05 nett

Seed coulter (Short slots)

Art. No: 432118 LH/432119 RH.
£33.75 nett


Seed coulter (Long slots)

Art. No: 432116 LH/432117 RH.
£33.75 nett


For order and purchase please contact your local dealer.

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