Organic farm tests Spirit R 300S

Spirit R 300S

Väderstad’s new seed drill has been tested with very positive results by Simon Wancke, the operational manager at the Jussö organic farm just outside of Värnamo in southern Sweden.
— The Spirit R 300S is exactly the right kind of machine for this sort of farm and its soil types.  It allows a fantastically even cultivation and even the plant sizing is exactly equal. We have drilled just over 90 hectares and they all look identical, even on soil that is uncultivated and damp, says Simon.

Jussö farm changed from its conventional methods three years ago, and Simon Wancke is the operational manager, in charge of everything except for the chickens. Last autumn, Jussö bought a new harrow and a Carrier XL from Väderstad, and when they later started to talk about the ‘drilling and spirit’ process, Simon was given the chance to test the Spirit R 300S over the course of Spring.

The Spirit R 300S is the latest addition to the Spirit family. It is a smaller model that is three metres in width, and which is programmed to follow a clear digital path.

Large seed hopper with double feed housing

The design of the Spirit R 300S is bold and eye-catching. It has a large seed hopper made from bright yellow moulded plastic which holds up to 2,800 litres. We chose to use plastic because it does not corrode, while offering the same strength as steel sheets. The volume of the seed hopper is large in relation to the drill’s width of three metres, and that leads to a high filling capacity.

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New metering system requires less hydraulic energy

The newly designed electrical metering system Fenix III is completely sealed and it doesn’t have an injector which reduces the amount of power needed from the tractor. When developing the new Spirit R 300S there was a clearly expressed desire for the power and hydraulic requirements from the tractor to be kept low, so that the seed drill harmonises with tractors from around 120 hk. The Spirit R 300S manages three dual action hydraulic PTOs. One of these is used with the metering system Fenix III which is designed for seed drills with a width between 3 and 4 metres. Fenix III can manage seed volumes between one and 500 kilos per hectare for between five and 15 kilometres per hour.

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— I must admit, I belong to those who are a little unsure about the idea of carrying around a tablet with me. But it has actually worked out very well, and I’ve gotten into some good routines. I can now weigh in everything from home and it’s easy to carry out an output test without having to experiment with different amounts, and on top of that I don’t need to make any more pit stops, says Simon.

Sitting on the Spirit R 300S is the Gateway terminal box, which is well protected beneath its housing on the seed drill, and which is used to wirelessly communicate with the iPad in the tractor cab or in the hands of the user. This digital transformation of Spirit increases comfort and ease of use, in addition to precision, thanks to its refined technical functions.

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