Simpler work and better results

The spirit of our founder lives on to the highest possible degree in the company. We continue to be curious and to look for technical solutions that simplify the everyday life for farmers. 

Our driving ambition is to develop machines that carry out several tasks, at a high work rate, in a single pass. The advantages of this are obvious. Fields are ready for drilling at the right time and provide the best conditions for maximum yield, while there are savings in terms of time, energy and money for the farmer.

We develop tillage methods and produce seed drills, cultivators, harrows and rollers suitable for different climate zones, from the sands of Australia to the clays of Northern Europe. Different crops place different demands on seed placement and soil tillage. 

Much of the testing work on new machines is carried out in close partnership with farmers around the world. This type of shared development work is important for us, since the feedback often leads to improvements and new ways of thinking.

Quality provides security

"Make it to last" was an expression coined by Rune Stark. It is something we adhere closely to through our extensive testing of machines and components. The tests include field testing, mechanical testing, stress testing and laboratory testing. We feel so secure about our quality that we provide a two-year warranty on all our machines.

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