Our history

Photo: The Stark family at the Swedish farm show Elmia in year 1980

Väderstad’s colourful history dates back to the early 60s, and has ever since been characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, creation of ingenious farm machinery and a strong drive to rationalize farming methods.

Please click on each of the decades to keep reading about how Rune Stark and Siw Stark started out making a rigid tine harrow for their own farm, and how the family turned it into a sustained and international business. 

Rune stark with his telephone


The humble beginnings

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Test folding the new roller


The business takes off

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Scandinavias most successful cultivator


Scandinavia's most successful cultivator

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Väderstad seed drill Rapid


The Rapid era

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Rune stark in front off seed hawk


An era of geographical expansion

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