Väderstad makes SeedEye seed counting available on more models

SeedEye monitor

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting makes the innovative seed precision system SeedEye seed counting available for the Spirit 600-900S and Rapid A 600-800C/J. The awarded SeedEye system makes life easier for the farmer: it saves time and removes uncertainty – while giving unprecedented precision.

The innovative SeedEye system can offer both blockage monitoring and seed counting. Earlier blockage monitoring has been offered for the Spirit 600-900S and Rapid A 600-800C/J, which is now completed with the seed counting.

– Using Väderstad SeedEye, the farmer sets the desired seed rate in terms of number of seeds per square metre. In the field, sensors accurately record the number of seeds passing through each individual seed tube. By combining this information with driving speed data from the seed drill ground radar, the output is automatically adjusted to maintain the selected seed rate, says Johan von Mecklenburg, Product Development Director at Väderstad.

In 2019 SeedEye seed counting was awarded a quality mark for its precision from the DLG test center in Germany. SeedEye puts the control in the hands of the farmer. It automatically adjusts the seed rate on the move, so there is no need for calibration which increases the ease-of-use and maximizes field efficiency. It also focuses on number of plants per square meter instead of counting seed weight per hectare, to give each plant the optimal access to light and water.

– By measuring seeds per square meter, instead of weight per hectare, the seeding result is no longer affected by variations in different seed bags or seed types, making it possible for the farmer to increase the precision and optimize performance, says Johan von Mecklenburg.

SeedEye seed counting will be available for the Spirit 600-900S and the Rapid A 600-800C/J from model year 2021. If you already own any of the machines with the SeedEye blockage monitoring system only, you can add SeedEye seed counting to your existing system.

For more information, please contact:

Vilhelm Ektander

Vilhelm Ektander

Product Marketing Manager

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