Väderstad expands its lab activities

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, continues to invest heavily in research and development. In March 2021 a new laboratory for component testing in hydraulics and other areas was inaugurated in Väderstad.

The demands keep increasing for tomorrow’s agriculture, and Väderstad is rising to the challenge. In 2016 Väderstad opened a new seeding systems lab, which stretches over 280 square meters and offers the possibility to recreate different environments and simulated field conditions.

Now it’s time to take the next step, with a 350 square meter new component testing lab set in two floors.  The component testing lab contains a number of flexible testing cells as well as a hydraulic lab and workshop. There has also been focus on creating a good working environment with conference room, kitchen, office and facilities.

– With this lab we are setting a new standard in terms of capability and work environment. The System Testing group has developed the new layout and we have used external architectural and interior design help to get the details right, says Mikael Albrecht, Test Center Manager at Väderstad.

The new components lab will be a vital part of the puzzle to support the organization the development of better hydraulic components and systems. But the lab is not restricted to only hydraulics. Already there is test being done to support our innovation teams as well as our product cores.

– Väderstad is continuously growing and we are producing advanced machines that cover many technical areas. For instance, our simulation capability and capacity has increased a lot during the last year and we are still looking for more colleagues to be found with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as well as within test and design, says Mikael Albrecht.

Since the start of Väderstad in 1962, pushing development and constantly being at the very forefront of innovation, progress and developing new methods has been a part of our DNA. Every year a large part of sales is reinvested in development, and with this new venture Väderstad will be able to keep innovating, keep pushing the limits and keep simplifying the daily work of farmers all over the world.

Susanne Dalskog

Susanne Dalskog

Vice President Communication

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