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For the past 60 years we’ve helped the world’s farmers to feed the population on Earth. We work together as a global team to take advantage of all the expertise and experience available throughout the group.

Our corporate culture is formed by the way we act as co-workers and leaders based on our core values. By leading and living in coherence with our values, we can make sure that everyone who meets us gets the same positive feeling no matter who they meet or where they meet us. When our customers are proud to own a Väderstad – then we also can be proud of what we have built.

Väderstad appointed Swedish Employer Branding Company of the year

Väderstad is proud to present that we have been named "Employer Branding Company of the year 2020" by the research company Universum. At the same time, we have been provided with the quality stamp "career Company of the year 2020" and we have climbed to the top 15 of the national poll "Sweden's best employer". The "Employer Branding Company of the Year" award is awarded to companies that actively involve the entire organization in Employer branding issues and offer good career and development opportunities. As one of the world's leaders in tillage and sowing with over 1500 employees all over the world we are of course proud over the acknowledgements. And our growth continues, the last year we have hired 100 new employees.

Interested in exploring work life at Väderstad and why our people enjoy working in this company? Watch the videos below in Meet our employees.

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Our values

Our values

Accessible - Innovative - Reliable

Our core values can be described as our roots or our DNA and serve as a common compass in daily life. They are the basis of our company culture and are summarized in three key words that describe how we achieve our vision, how we work and behave together, both in-house and towards customers.


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