Opus 600 cultivating field

Opus 400-700

Power and versatility

The trailed powerful tine cultivator Opus 400-700 is designed to create an intense mixing and loosening down to 30cm working depth. Opus is a powerful and versatile tine cultivator with an impressive capacity, able to handle large amounts of crop residues while keeping the draught requirement moderate.

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Selected features

Väderstad Cultivators extremely powerful tines

Extremely powerful tines

Opus is equipped with robust tines, which mix and loosen the soil down to 30cm working depth. With DeepLoosening points the loosening depth increases to 40cm. The tines have a hydraulic stone release, which can be adjusted variably up to 700kg release force.

Thanks to this high release force and its soil-seeking points, Opus is able to maintain a constant working depth in all field conditions.

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Väderstad Opus Heavy-duty frame construction

Heavy-duty frame

The frame is designed for heavy usage in tough conditions. It has three axles and 27cm tine spacing, which ensures an intense cultivation and good throughflow.

The heavy tine cultivator Opus is built around a strong frame which can withstand high stresses extending the working life.

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Kärkeä vaihdetaan


Erilaisia muokkausmenetelmiä palvellakseen Väderstad tarjoaa laajan valikoiman kärkiä kultivaattoreihin ja äkeisiin. oikealla kärkivalinnalla voit optimoida työtuloksen pelloillasi ja tarjota tulevalle viljelykasville parhaat mahdolliset edellytykset täydelliseen taimettumiseen.

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MixIn - double mixing and crumbling

All Väderstad tine cultivators are equipped with the unique MixIn shin as standard. 

The material thereby passes the tine twice, doubling the mixing intensity both in depth and lengthwise. The benefit of a better depth mixing is that the working depth can be reduced without compromising the result. A good lengthwise distribution gives a more even crop emergence. In heavy soil the throwing angle effectively breaks the soil flow and leaves it nicely crumbled.

The MixIn shins provide superior mixing and crumbling, without increasing fuel costs.

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Fertiliser placement with cultivation

Fertiliser placement with cultivation

Equipping Opus with a fertiliser kit allows for fertiliser application together with the tillage operation. The kit includes a distributor head that distributes the fertiliser, metered out from the front hopper Väderstad FH 2200. From the distributor head, the fertiliser is distributed to each cultivator tine. The fertiliser is placed behind each tine at selected depth, thereby providing benefits for the coming crop.

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Väderstad Opus levelling fields always perfectly

Always a level field

The levellers are fitted on a parallelogram, ensuring that the correct working angle is maintained at any depth.

To be able to adapt to varying soil conditions, the driver is able to adjust the intensity of the hydraulic levellers with millimetre precision on the move.

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Väderstad Opus flexible in transport on roads and headlands

Easy to maneuver when turning

The carrying wheels are positioned in the middle of the machine, which makes Opus both easy to transport and gives it a small turning radius on headlands.

Behind each wheel there is a tine to leave a perfect surface without tracks.

Support wheels on the wing sections ensure that the cultivator works to a constant depth across the entire working width.

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BioDrill mounted on Opus

Turn Opus into a seed drill

Equipped with the mountable small-seeder BioDrill 360, Opus becomes a seed drill allowing fast establishment of small-seeded crops, such as oilseed rape, cover crops or catch crops.

This saves time and helps maintain ground moisture.

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Product concept

Zone 1 - Loosening, distributing and mixing

With 27cm tine spacing and a powerful hydraulical stone release up to 700kg, Opus provides an intensive mixing and loosening down to 30cm working depth.

Valikoima kärkiä

MixIn -jatkeet

Nostettu piikki

Zone 2 - Levelling

Hydraulically adjustable rotating levelling discs leaves a smooth surface.The sealed bearings mean that the discs are maintenance-free.

Zone 3 - Full depth reconsolidation

The hydraullically adjustable packer reconsolidates the soil profile, at full working depth of the machine.

Single SteelRunner

Double SteelRunner

Double SoilRunner

Technical data

Opus 400 500 600 700
Tehokas työleveys (m) 3,75 4,75 5,75 6,75
Jyrän leveys (m) 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0
Kuljetusleveys (m) 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0
Kuljetuskorkeus (m) 2,68 3,12 3,6 4,0
Paino min/max (kg) 4990/5490 5450/6070 7240/8180 8260/8800
Paino SteelRunner (kg) 5600 6200 8400 9000
Paino kaksinkertainen SoilRunner (kg) 5200 5600 7900 8500
Paino kaksinkertainen SteelRunner 6000 6300 8600 9200
Piikkien lkm 14 18 22 26
Piikkiväli (cm) 27 27 27 27
Jarrut H/P H/P H/P H/P
Suositeltu ajonopeus (km/h) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Rengaskoko (tukipyörä) N/A N/A 400/55-15,5 400/55-15,5
Rengaskoko (kuljetuspyörä) 520/50-17 520/50-17 550/45-22,5 550/45-22,5
Hydrauliikan tarve (DV) 3 3 3 3
Vetotehontarve alk (hk) 170 210 270 320

Väderstad on yrittänyt kaikin tavoin kuvailla tuotteita oikein. Mutta johtuen jatkuvasta halustamme kehittää tuotteitamme sekä menetelmiämme, parhaiden mahdollisten tuotteiden tarjoamiseksi asiakkaillemme, ovat tietyt tiedot voineet muuttua. Jokaisen tuotteen tarkat yksityiskohdat tullaan varmistamaan tilausajankohtana. 

LS = Load sensing    FR = Vapaa paluu     DV = Kaksitoiminen
H = Hydraulinen     P = Pneumaattinen   N/A = Ei saatavana
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