Seed Hawk toolbar in evening sun

Toolbar 45-XL

Unparalleled accuracy

The Seed Hawk Toolbar provides the most precise seeding technology on the market. Delivering unmatched seed and fertilizer placement in one pass, it is perfect for no-till or minimum tillage operations in all soil conditions. The Seed Hawk Toolbar comes in two models, the 45 Toolbar or XL Toolbar, with widths ranging from 12.2m (40’) to 25.6m (84’). Both toolbar styles can be configurated for 254mm (10”), 305mm (12”), or 381mm (15”) row spacing.

Part of the Seed Hawk concept

A seed’s greatest potential is at the time it is placed in the ground. For over a quarter century, Seed Hawk’s innovative opener design has provided the precision seed-to-fertilizer placement required for the plant to produce a quality, high-yielding crop in all soil types and conditions.  Seed Hawk toolbars are offered in a variety of sizes, enabling you to choose the right fit for your operation.

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Selected features

Seed Hawk precision opener in field

Precision openers

Seed Hawk’s industry-leading opener assemblies operate independently for superior shallow seeding, depth accuracy, and optimal fertilizer placement. The result is quick, uniform germination, even packing, and consistent performance in all soil conditions. 

Each opener assembly follows the ground independently by pivoting at the frame, controlled by its own adjustable hydraulic cylinder. A range of seed and fertilizer knives is available to suit every seeding style.

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Seed Hawk Toolbar that follows the contour

Big machines that follow the contour

Seed Hawk Toolbars come in 5- or 7-plex frame sections, allowing them to follow the contours of the land. With a contour following range of 46cm (18”), the independent opener assemblies deliver consistent seed depth, regardless of the terrain. 

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Sectional Control Technology

Sectional Control Technology

Sectional control works in conjunction with an independent, toolbar mounted GPS system to eliminate overlap, save on input costs, and reduce ground disturbance of already seeded areas.

The system controls the meters on your Seed Hawk Air Cart and the openers on your Seed Hawk Toolbar, to instantly stop roller rotation and product flow when the toolbar encounters previously seeded ground. It also lifts the openers, so you do not disturb the precision seed and fertilizer placement already completed. 

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Wireless blockage system

Wireless blockage monitoring

Now, you can watch for blockages from the cab as the wireless blockage system monitors product flow on your Seed Hawk seeding system. If a blockage is detected, it immediately delivers quick, accurate notification of the exact location to your iCon wireless control system. 

Product leaving the manifold bounces off a stainless-steel membrane as it enters the seed or fertilizer run, creating a small sound wave. If there is any change in the sound wave, it’s picked up by acoustic sensors that detect the trouble and trigger audio and visual alerts on your tablet. 

When a blockage location is identified, you can take your tablet out of the tractor cab and carry it with you as you locate the blockage and fix the issue. No more misses. 

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Paddle sensor floats above the ground

Seed Between the Rows (SBR)

SBR technology uses a curved paddle sensor that floats above the ground to detect nearby stubble rows and uses hydraulic cylinders to move the hitch and keep the openers between the rows, improving seed and fertilizer placement even more.

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Technical data

Toolbar  45  45  45 
Toolbar size/width 12,2m (40')  15,2m (50') 18,3m (60') 
Row spacing (mm) 254/305/380 (10”/12”/15”) 254/305/380 (10”/12”/15”) 254/305/380 (10”/12”/15”) 
Number of rows at 254mm (10”) spacing 48 60 72
Number of rows at 305mm (12”) spacing 40 50 60
Number of rows at 380mm (15”) spacing 33 41 49
Transport width (m) 4.75 (15’7”) 4.7 (15’5”) 4.7 (15’5”)
Transport length (m)* 10.7 (35’2”) 10.7 (35’2”) 10.7 (35’2”)
Transport height (m) 4.9 (16’1”)  5.1 (16’9”) 5.1 (16’9”)
Ground clearance (mm) 305 (12”) 305 (12”) 305 (12”)
Frame sections 5-plex 5-plex 5-plex
Recommended working speed (km/h) 7 - 8 (4.5-5 mph) 7 - 8 (4.5-5 mph) 7 - 8 (4.5-5 mph)
Toolbar  XL   XL  XL
Toolbar size/width 21,3m (70') 24,4m (80') 25,6m (84')
Row spacing (mm) 254/305/380 (10”/12”/15”) 254/305/380 (10”/12”/15”) 254/305/380 (10”/12”/15”)
Number of rows at 254mm (10”) spacing 84 96 N/A
Number of rows at 305mm (12”) spacing 70 80 84 
Number of rows at 380mm (15”) spacing 56 64 68
Transport width (m) 8.84 (29’) 8.84 (29’) 8.96 (29’5”)
Transport length (m)* 11.25 (36’11”) 11.25 (36’11”) 11.25 (36’11”)
Transport height (m) 5.5 (17’11”) 5.5 (17’11”) 5.5 (17’11”)
Ground clearance (mm) 305 (12”) 305 (12”) 305 (12”)
Frame sections 7-plex 7-plex 7-plex
Recommended working speed (km/h) 7 - 8 (4.5-5 mph) 7 - 8 (4.5-5 mph) 7 - 8 (4.5-5 mph)

*Assumes clevis style hitch. If equipped with SBR hitch, add 34 cm (13.5”)

Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product line-up. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

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