Upgrade your Vaderstad Carrier

Versatility, capacity, quality – a machine for stubble as well as ploughed and tilled conditions.

Carrier straw harrow




Order number
7105472 CR 500
7105473 CR 650
7105475 CR 1225

Crosscutter, which is mounted in front of Carrier, is a powerful implement for the first pass just after harvest, when the aim is to crate a shollow false seedbed. Crosscutter works the soil in two directions in one pass: the six sharp knives cut and crush crop residues perpendicular to the direction of travel while the hardwearing discs strip and shred the trash lengthwise.

Straw harrow
Straw harrow

Order number
7105220 CR 420/425
7105221 CR 500
7105222 CR 650
7105223 CR 820
7105246 CR 1225

With the capacious straw harrow in position, even thick heaps of straw can be gradually fed through the discs. This prevents the yield decreases in the following crop that can result from unevenly distributed straw. The depth of the straw harrow can be easily altered using the crank handle.

Ballast weight
Ballast weights


Order number
7105163 2 x 10 weights
7105166 2 x 5 weights

Suitable for:
Carrier 300-400 (mounted)
Carrier 300-400 (trailed)

Extra ballast weights are available as an option for adjusting the penetration and reconsolidation ability. These are easily fitted on the powerful centre beam. The machine weighs 550 kg/m in its basic form, but can be loaded up to a weight of 800 kg/m.

BioDrill BDX 180-250


Order number
7190005 Carrier 300 trailed
7190006 Carrier 350 trailed
7190007 Carrier 400 trailed

BioDrill is a flexible mechanical seedbox for small-seeded species that are sown in the same pass as cultivation. The studded roller metering system allows the seed to fall under its own weight.



Order number
7105450 Carrier 500 SD
7105453 Carrier 500 SD CB
7105451 Carrier 650 SD
7105454 Carrier 650 SD CB
7105452 Carrier 820 SD

BioDrill is a flexible pneumatic seedbox for small-seeded species that are sown in the same pass as cultivation.



Machine plate
Machine model plate


To make ordering easier, note the size and serial number of your machine – these are given on a metal plate on the machine.