E-Control + ISOBUS

In some cases there may already be an ISOBUS terminal on the farm. It can be used in parallel with E-Control. For example, ISOBUS can take over control of the seed drill, while at the same time E-Control is use to view metering data from the seed drill in real time. The ISOBUS terminal is connected to Gateway via cable, while E-Control receives information wirelessly.


The table below shows the electronic systems that different Väderstad machines can currently operate:

   ControlStation  E-Control  ISOBUS
Tempo F, T, R  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Rapid RDC, RDS  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Rapid RDAS, RDAC, RDAJ  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Spirit  Green tick    


Interior cab ISOBUS and E-Control in E-Keeper


Tractor with ISOBUS and iPad