E-Control consists of an iPad-air device that communicates wirelessly with Gateway via Wi-Fi (Wireless-Fidelity). The iPad-air device is installed in an E-Keeper, which supplies it with power and is fitted with buttons for easier menu navigation and operation in the tractor cab. It is easy to remove and take out to the seed drill during calibration and during troubleshooting in cables and various sensors. The user can carry out many ordinary tasks such as shutting off individual rows on Tempo or half-machine shut-off on Rapid RDA, adjusting seed rate and within-row seed spacing (Tempo), shutting off fertiliser dosing or adjusting fertiliser rate.

On completion of the work, E-Control can then transfer the information stored externally via 3G or Wi-Fi to the farm office, dealership or Väderstad.

User-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and ease of update are just some of the advantages of the iPad-air solution compared with the conventional system. It can also accommodate other applications such as instruction manuals, parts documentation, etc. 


The table below shows the electronic systems that different Väderstad machines can currently operate:

   ControlStation  E-Control  ISOBUS
Tempo F, T, R, V
 Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Rapid RDC, RDS  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Rapid RDAS, RDAC, RDAJ  Green tick  Green tick  Green tick
Spirit  Green tick    


E-Control on an E-Keeper


Tractor with iPad

Calibrating with E-Control out of cab
Since E-Control communicates by Wi-Fi with the drill, it is easy to do the calibration next to the machine

Cab interior with E-Keeper