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NZ Aggressive product image
NZ Aggressive product image

NZ Aggressive

A heavy, intensive working seedbed cultivator with Crossboard for effective levelling

Designed for efficient seedbed preparation

The NZ Aggressive cultivator is designed for efficient seedbed preparation, the many working steps of the cultivator reduce the number of passes needed for seedbed preparation.

The machine is capable of transforming the most cloddy and uneven surface into a perfect environment for seed to germinate.

NZA seedbed cultivators offer superior performance to farmers who demand the very best.

Goosefoot option for NZ Aggressiv

Equipment for many different conditions

NZ Aggressive Crossboard

All NZA are equipped with front Crossboard including a stabiliser bar. In conditions where a more thorough levelling is required, a Crossboard could also be put in the rear of the machine.

NZA has a heavy duty frame construction equipped with strong Agrilla Cobra tines, which are distributed over 5 or 6 rows with 7.5 cm tine spacing. The space between each row is approximately 50 cm and the space between each tine in a row is about 38 cm. This combination optimizes both soil throughflow capacity and seedbed quality.

Connecting drawbarIf a roller is coupled behind the NZA, the total number of passes required is reduced and better tillage and consolidation is obtained with less passes.

 Depth setting from cabin

The depth can be set on the move via the cabin. The depth can be adjusted depending on different conditions in the field enabling an optimum seedbed preparation.

Boggie wheels

NZA is equipped with large boggie wheels to keep the machine smooth and level during operation even if the ground is uneven. The different wheel pairs are separated lengthwise in order to further stabilise the machine.

Working widths

NZA is available from 5 m up to 10 m working width. The 7 m and 9 m models can easily be extended to 8 and 10 m respectively.

Tested in very tough conditions

NZA has a high quality design and has been tested in the toughest conditions possible. Frame, tines, wheels and hydraulics have proven reliability with years of experience built in.

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NZ Aggressive with Control function

Master and slave system

1. Powerful CrossBoard levelling board

The front CrossBoard levels and crushes plough furrows and shifts large amounts of soil. The CrossBoard is supplied with stabilizer bars, which connect all CrossBoard tines together so that they help each other. This makes the CrossBoard even more powerful in order to reduce clods and make the soil more even.

2. AgrillaCobra tines

The upright AgrillaCobra tines are designed to maximise the movement of soil. The strong and durable tines work the soil to produce an excellent seedbed.

The tine depth can be adjusted during operation from the cabin. The clearance under the frame and the distribution of tines over 5 or 6 axles gives a good flow of soil through the machine. The distance between tines is 7.5cm which distributes the soil so that larger clods are placed on the top and smaller particles deeper, which is favorable for early drilling. If goosefoot points are used weed roots could efficiently be cut off. The weight from the NZ Aggressive presses the tine straight from above. The point is positioned slightly behind the tine attachment whereby sideways vibrations are achieved, improving soil throughflow and work quality.

3. Rear CrossBoard levelling

The optional rear CrossBoard including a stabilising bar finishes the levelling work done by the NZ Aggressive and is controlled with a parallel transfer linkage from the front CrossBoard. With this option the cultivator contributes to even better depth precision and levelling. 

4. Following harrow

The following harrow loosens and creates an evaporation protection layer. It also protects the surface from crusting after heavy rains. The following harrow further improves the sorting of bigger aggregates on the surface and smaller particles deeper.

Standard Features

Generous stone trays
NZ Aggressive CrossBoard CrossBoard
AgrillaCobra tine AgrillaCobra tines
Depth setting NZA Depth setting from cabin
NZ Aggressive strong frame Strong proven frame
Maintenance-free ball bearings Maintenance-free ball bearings
Smart bogie Smart boggie
Boggie placement Stable boggie placement
Broad wheel base

Point options

Point Agrilla Agrilla point 15 mm
Marathon point 18 mm Marathon point 18 mm
Marathon point 25 mm Marathon point 25 mm
Point Super Super point 350mm
Goosefoot 135 mm Goosefoot point


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar couplings
NZ Aggressive Track eradicator
SingleKnife SingleKnife
Single- or DoubleKnife DoubleKnife
Wing extension NZA Wing extensions
NZA Aggressive Rear CrossBoard
Following harrow
NZ Aggressive Connecting drawbar
6th row of tines
LED lights LED lights