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Cultus 420 steel roller


A powerful, durable and efficient cultivator setting a new standard in mixing ability

Superior mixing and levelling

CultusVäderstad Cultus is a high quality machine for cultivating to 30 cm depth. Cultus has a dense tine distribution paired with adjustable working depth on the go. It has extremely good material mixing properties and flexible tool options for meeting the high demands of precision agriculture.

Cultus works equally well in shallow stubble cultivation and in deep soil tillage or mechanical weed control, depending on choice of point. A shallow pass with Cultus directly after the combine harvester efficiently mixes straw and crop residues into the soil for immediate breakdown and encourages weeds and volunteer seeds to germinate. Cultus also does an excellent job in seedbed preparation.

Cultus is designed to achieve exactly what every farmer wants - uniform, resource-efficient soil cultivation with consistent results both above and below the soil surface.

Soil variation map

Depth setting on the go

Most fields have variations in soil type. With Cultus, cultivation can be tailored to the requirements of different soil types by adjusting the working depth. This is simple to do directly from the cab. The greater precision achieved allows better establishment and thus higher yields.


Cultus 400 tinesThe Cobra tines on Cultus have a release force of 450 kg and therefore allow very stable depth control. The shape and positioning of the tines are designed to minimise creation of clods, which can impair conditions for the following growing crop. Cultus 3-4 m has 30 cm tine spacing, with tines distributed on three axles. On Cultus 420-500, which has 20-23 cm tine spacing, in addition to the four axles there is a bonus axle which ensures optimal tine distribution with no bottlenecks where crop residues can fasten.

The tines are attached with conical bushings which greatly extend the working life and the fittings are welded to ensure that the tines are always held in the perfect position.

Cultus can be fitted with folding tines in order to reduce the working width or the tine density. This reduces the capital investment costs, since a smaller tractor can be used even for deep cultivation.

Experts on guide rails and points

Väderstad has a large range of points to cover all cultivation needs. There are also two types of guide rails, with a number of widths depending on the mixing effect required.

Working widths

Cultus in three-axle format with 30 cm tine spacing is available in working widths of 3 and 3.5 m (three-point mounted) and 4 m (trailed).
The four-axle models are available in 4.2 and 5 m working width. The 4.2 m version has 23 cm tine spacing and the 5 m version an impressive 20 cm tine spacing.

Rigorous testing

Väderstad Cultus has undergone rigorous testing in Väderstad’s famous stone quarry and in the field under the toughest conceivable conditions. As a result, we are able to provide a two-year warranty on Cultus and other Väderstad machines, a guarantee of high quality and low fixed costs.


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Cultus 420-500

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Cultus 420

Foldable tine on Cultus

Cultus with BioDrill BDX

Saves time, saves fuel, saves money!

1. Cultivation

The shape and position of the tines are two of the secrets behind the impressive tillage results of Cultus. The tines are designed to loosen the soil and give a good mix in of crop residues. The frame height of 85 cm provides a spacious construction that allows soil and harvest trash to be mixed together and passed through the machine. Cultivation is very intensive down to 25 cm working depth.

The tine has a 450 kP release force. On impact with a stone, the tine exerts the same force in the soil until it eventually trips up, to a maximum of 30 cm. It then springs back instantly once the obstacle has been passed, and proceeds working.

2. Levelling

The levellers on Cultus level out any furrows left by the final row of tines. Disc levellers are mounted on rubber suspensions, which ensures good contouring and high stone tolerance.

3. Consolidation

Soil consolidation is an important part of thorough soil cultivation. A good reconsolidation is the key to getting volunteer seeds to germinate, whereby they can be controlled mechanically or chemically. Reconsolidation is also good for preserving moisture in the soil.

Steel roller (CS 300-500)

The steel roller is the alternative when more aggressive reconsolidation is required, for example on heavier and stony soils. The steel roller can work also in wet conditions and has a good ability to run cleanly thanks to the pending scrapers. The steel roller rings are manufactured from hardened special steel for long life. The profile of the steel rollers exerts a slicing and tilling action on plant residues and soil clods.

Rubber roller (CS 300-420)

The 800 mm diameter rubber roller (600 mm for Cultus 300 - 400) gives good reconsolidation and is suitable for the light and medium heavy conditions. On light soils the rubber roller is superior thanks to its large diameter. The roller has a high wear resistance.

Cage roller (CS 300-350)

The cage roller provides good reconsolidation in combination with good depth keeping. The large 550 mm diameter of the caged roller gives it good performance on light to medium heavy soils.

Standard Features

Cultus Wide support wheels (420-500)
Cultus tine Tines
Maintenance free fastening Maintenance free fastening
Levelling disc Cultus Levelling discs
Tine levellers Cultus Tine levellers (CS 300-420)

Point options

Point 50 mm Point 50 mm
Point 50 mm Point 80 mm
Point 120 mm Point 120 mm
Point 210 mm Point 210 mm
Low Disturbance point Low disturbance point
Deep Loosening point Deep loosening point
Point Marathon 50 mm Marathon point 50 mm
Point Marathon 80 mm Marathon point 80 mm and wing shares
Wing share Marathon Marathon wing shares 300 mm
Wing share Wing shares 300 mm
MixIn shin 50 mm MixIn shin for 50 mm
MixIn shin 80 mm MixIn shin for 80 mm
Twisted shin Twisted shin 80 mm
Twisted shin Inward throwing shin

Packer option

Steel packer Steel packer
Rubber packer
Cage packer Cage packer


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar coupling (Cultus 500)
Support wheel CS 300-400 Support wheel (CS 300-400)
Foldable tine Cultus Foldable tines
 Full speed ahead with BioDrill in the field BioDrill