Väderstad Tempo L in field

Tempo L 12-16

Väderstad Tempo is a new generation high-speed planter, delivering an unmatched precision at double the speed of traditional planters. No-till, min-till or conventional tillage – Tempo performs exceptionally in all conditions. The crops gets the best start possible which results in an even emergence.

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Väderstad Tempo L 16 rows in studio

Superior precision - enormous capacity

Tempo L is a trailed high-speed planter with an enormous capacity, available with 12 or 16 row units. Tempo L doubles the capacity of a traditional planter. Most importantly, the crop is established with higher precision. Tempo L sets a new standard for high capacity planting.

Väderstad Tempo L high capacity hopper

High capacity fertiliser metering

Tempo L is equipped with a 5000 litre fertiliser hopper. The fertiliser is metered via the high capacity metering system Fenix III. The metering capacity for fertiliser is up to 350kg/ha at 15km/h. The electric driven Fenix III has the capability to adapt the fertiliser rate to varying field conditions by using a variable rate system. The high capacity fertiliser system maintains the high precision even at high speed.

Perfect depth control

Tempo L is equipped with hydraulic wing pressure which transfers weight from the inner section of the machine to its outer wings. 

This enables Tempo L to respond to any irregularities on the field and ensure an even emergence.

Väderstad Tempo L offers perfect depth control
Väderstad Tempo L telescopic wheels

Telescopic wheel axle

To ensure the transport wheels follow the row spacing, Tempo L is fitted with a telescopic wheel axle which is easily adjusted from the cab. So whatever the row spacing, the transport wheels can be adjusted to always run between the seed rows. The wheel axles are easily set to 3m width for transport.

Väderstad Planter Tempo L narrow transport width

Full control at your fingertips

The iPad-based control system, Väderstad E-Control wirelessly delivers data about each seed that travels through the machine, including seeding quality, skips, doubles, distance in the row, and rate.

You benefit from user-friendly remote set up and calibration, as well as easy, real-time monitoring and control.

With the iPad you can upload the most recent program software which allows you to benefit from future developments.

Väderstad E-services
Väderstad Tempo L in field

Product concept

Zone 1 - Fertiliser placement

Tempo L has a large 5000 litre fertiliser hopper, metering out fertiliser via the highly precise metering system Fenix III. The metering capacity for fertiliser is up to 350kg/ha at 15km/h. The electric driven Fenix III has the capability to adapt the fertiliser rate to varying field conditions by using a variable rate system. The high capacity fertiliser coulters maintains the high precision even at high speed.

Fertiliser kit

Zone 2 - Row cleaners (option)

The row cleaners are an option on Tempo. The task of the row cleaners is to remove crop residues, clods and stones. The demand for row cleaners is much higher when planting into no-till or when planting into fields with large amount of residues.

Floating row cleaners (option)

Zone 3 - Seed placement

With Tempo, planting can be carried out at very high speed, without compromising exceptional precision and accuracy. Tempo is extremely accurate and the seed meter assures perfect placement for every seed. This precision is of greatest importance to maximise the yield.

16mm seed system

22mm seed system

Micro granulate kit

Zone 4 - Closing

When the seed is planted the closing wheel closes the seed slot and ensures perfect conditions for germination. Depending on farming requirements, the interface further allows for several industry-standard third-party closing wheel solutions.

Narrow closing wheel 25mm

Wide closing wheel 50mm

Spiked closing wheel

Treaded closing wheel 50mm

Technical data

Tempo L TPL 12 TPL 16
Number of rows 12 16
Row spacing (mm) 700/750/762/800 700/750/762
Working width (m) 8,4-9,6 11,2-12,2
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0
Transport height (m) 4,0 4,0
Volume seed hopper per row unit (l) 100 100
Volume micro granulate hopper per row unit (l) 30 30
Hopper volume fertilizer (l) 5000 5000
Weight without combi (kg) - -
Weight with combi (kg) 7600-7900 8500-9000
Coulter pressure max (kg) 325 325
Recommended working speed (km/h) 10-17 10-17
Hydraulic capacity (l/min) 200 200
Hydraulic requirements  5+FR 5+FR
Draught requirements from (hp) 250 300
Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.
LS = Load sensing    FR = Free return    DA = Double acting 
H = Hydraulic    P = Pneumatic     

Aftermarket accessories

Accessories Tempo

We offer many ways to accessorise and enhance your Tempo machine. This is also true for already owned equipment.

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