Tempo L

Enormous capacity - superior precision

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The new Tempo L is a trailed high speed planter with an enormous capacity. The machine is available with 12 or 16 row units, which can be configured to several row spacing. Tempo L is equipped with a 5000 litre fertiliser hopper with a separate fan and disc fertiliser coulters as standard.

Tempo L 16

The fertiliser is metered using the electric Fenix III metering system.To deliver an optimal contour following, Tempo L is equipped with hydraulic weight transfer, which is controlled via E-Control from the cab. The telescopic wheel axle allows adaptation to different row spacings, while still keeping the transport width within 3m.


Tempo L 16 folded

Tempo L can be folded to a transport width of 3 metres. This makes it easy to move the machine between different fields. 


With E-Control the operator can control all of the machine’s functions. The status of the machine is clearly shown on the display. The machine has electrical metering system for both seed and fertiliser with sectional control.

Metering system fertiliser   Fertiliser disc coulter
Fenix III metering system for fertiliser   Fertiliser disc coulter


The all new Tempo L will be available in the first half of 2017.