Tempo L

A powerful high capacity planter


  • PowerShoot seed metering system for unique seed placement
  • Electronic metering allows section shut-off for both seed and fertiliser
  • E-Control, electronics of the future


  • Perfect planting at high speed
  • New robust, high precision fertiliser disc coulter


  • Easy fillable 5000 litre fertiliser hopper  
  • 100 litre seed hoppers 
  • Heavy row units for conventional, min-till or direct drilling

Tempo L 16

Tempo L with a working width of up to 12.2 metres folds to a transport width of just 3 metres. Thanks to a large fertiliser hopper in combination with high planting speed Tempo L offers unsurpassed capacity. The new Tempo L is available with 12 to 16 row units with different row spacing. 

Tempo L 16 folded

Tempo L can be folded to a transport width of 3 metres. This makes it easy to move the machine between different fields. 

With E-Control the operator can control all of the machine’s functions. The status of the machine is clearly shown on the display. The machine has electrical metering system for both seed and fertiliser with sectional control.

Metering system fertiliser   Fertiliser disc coulter
Metering system fertiliser   Fertiliser disc coulter


Available for delivery from January 2017.

    Tempo L 12   Tempo L 16
 Number of rows    12    16
 Row spacing    700/750/762/800    700/750/762
 Working width (m)   8,4 - 9,6   11,2 - 12,2
 Transport width (m)   3,0 - 3,6   3,0 - 3,6
 Transport height (m)    4,0   4,0
 Basic weight with fertiliser hopper (kg)   7400   8000
 Hopper volume fertiliser (l)   5000   5000
 Seed hopper (l)   12x100   16x100
 Draught requirement from (hp)   250   300