Fact & figures

Our business idea is to provide modern agriculture with highly effective machines and methods. Our vision is to become a global supplier benefiting farmers, co-workers, society and owners.

Väderstad AB has experienced rapid growth over the last decade with sales numbers 5-fold since year 2000. With new markets and products constantly added to the portfolio the turnover addded up to 190 M € in fiscal year 2015. The five largest markets include Sweden, UK, Germany, Hungary and France.

The turnover hit 190 M € in fiscal year 2015

Updated figures

The number of employees adds up to 793

In the early 90s the first subsidiary opened in United Kingdom, ever since 11 subsidaries across Europe and Russia have been added to the list.

The Väderstad Group

With the purchase of Seed Hawk in year 2013 the Väderstad Group now hold16 entities with a combined turnover of 225 M € (2015). Employing over 1010 people across the globe. The Väderstad Group consists of Väderstad AB, Seed Hawk Inc, Svensk Presshärdning AB and Väderstad Farm AB.