Completely new Swift 640 for 6 & 12m cultivation systems

The versatile Swift family is being extended with Swift 640 and the EasyRunner following implement, a completely new L-profile packer.

Swift in action

What’s new?

  1. Working width 640
  2. The EasyRunner following implement option

Swift 640 is a machine that fits well into cultivation systems of 6 and 12 metres. The machine works down to 20cm and its vibrating tines have the same intensive spacing of 19.3cm as other members of the Swift family. The vibrating tines create a flow of fine soil and help lower the draught requirement, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The tines have a three-year warranty against fractures.

EasyRunner – the new packer

Swift 560, 640 and 720 can be equipped with a new packer, EasyRunner, instead of tiller or harrow tines. EasyRunner is an L-profile packer. This construction gives it an aggressive edge for breaking up clods and a flat edge on which the packer rests and ensures depth control. This combination of good depth control and aggression distinguishes EasyRunner from conventional cage packers.

Swift 640 has 520mm wide carrying wheels and pivoting support wheels that give a uniform working depth and a stable passage on uneven fields. Hydraulically adjustable, maintenance-free levelling discs finish off the cultivation.

Swift 640 in action
Swift 640 with EasyRunner