Väderstad invests further in production

Väderstad is driving forward major rationalisations and efficiencies at its Väderstad plant in 2013 to meet the increasing demand for its products. A total of SEK 150 million have been invested to date. These investments form part of the company’s growth strategy for the years ahead.

For the Väderstad plant, this means a new internal logistics centre, a new large 3D laser cutter for pipe, and new automatic equipment for welding and processing row units for the Tempo seed drill.

Invest in production
During the 2013 summer holidays, an additional laser machine for handling square profile steel for example, will be installed

“This is the first time the company has invested so heavily in production in a single year. The changes are essential to remove bottlenecks and to enable future manufacturing of Väderstad’s new Tempo ‘planter’, which is designed for drilling maize”, said Andreas Stark, Production Director at Väderstad.

Invest in production
The welding and picking robot is positioned beside a multifunctional machine for fully automated work flow and supplies the Tempo manufacturing line with row units

“These investments include a new internal logistics centre for production, a new 3D laser for cutting pipe, an upgrade to the spraying department and new automatic equipment for welding and processing row units for the Tempo seed drill”, explained Andreas Stark.
A 6,000 square metre internal logistics centre for production is the largest single investment in 2013. The centre has twice the capacity of the existing logistics system.

Invest in production
In early summer 2013, building work will be completed on the new logistics centre. It will be occupied from the end of the summer

Invest in production
In early summer, the logistics centre will be fitted out with pallet racks and conveyor belts for efficient handling of purchased goods and storage of internally manufactured items

“We are building for the future. The new centre can supply production for a number of years to come with purchased goods and items that we manufacture ourselves”, said Thomas Eliasson, project leader for the logistics centre building.