Väderstad listens to farmers

SwedenWhen Väderstad is developing the agricultural machinery of the future, much time is devoted to listening to the thoughts and ideas of farmers throughout the world. A few years ago when Väderstad was thinking about the cultivator segment, discussions were held with a number of farmers and soon the answer became clear. A cultivator without a roller was what the market wanted. A year or so later Väderstad launched the Swift cultivator, which is able to cultivate stubble down to 15 cm.

Per Fimmerstad from Taxinge estate was involved from the early days of Swift. After a season's work with a Swift prototype, Per Fimmerstad suggested several areas of improvement. As higher frame height, a bit heavier tines and a more extended machine. All this was picked up by Väderstad engineers who worked on the machine to the appearance it has today.

“Higher demands on yield together with a changing climate and new crops mean that the agricultural machines of the future need flexibility to meet market requirements. That’s the reason why we developed Swift”, said Martin Svedberg at Väderstad.

Per Fimmerstad was looking for a cultivator that could make two passes on the same field at a reasonable cost without dragging too much metal around. In his quest Per found Swift, which he believes to be the perfect match.

”If the soil needs compressing you just hang a roller on behind, but Swift often does the whole job on its own. Swift usually works well together with Carrier. Cultivation with Carrier to 5-6 cm depth and with Swift down to 10-12 cm is a good combination on our soils”, said Per Fimmerstad.

Suitable in all weather conditions

Swift is suitable in both ploughed and ploughless tillage systems, works well in wet conditions and can cope with all types of soil. The machine leaves the soil surface loose or reconsolidated, depending on demands and preferences.  

Swift in Sunset

If the reconsolidation effect is not enough, it is easy to hitch on a roller to the drawbar of the machine. All these possibilities make Swift a good, flexible partner in the field.

Swift is available in 4 to 8.7 metres working width.