Extensive experience brings new direct drill to the market

Väderstad Seed Hawk is now launching a direct drill suited for Europe called Seed Hawk 30, available in 6 & 8m models. The machine is developed and manufactured at the zero tillage know-how centre, Canada.

“The last few years have provided us with lots of experience in the zero tillage field and we have now implemented several changes in the new model. One of the enhanced features is the unique individual two-knife opener with individual press wheels, which optimizes seed and fertiliser placement. Greater accuracy even in harsh and uneven fields is another added advantage”, says Gustav Nilsson, Seed Hawk product manager.

Seed Hawk
The Seed Hawk independent two knife openers with packer wheel provide the optimum seed and fertiliser placement, in dry and wet conditions.

Economic benefits

The economic benefits are many with zero tillage and the rule of thumb indicates the possibility of cutting crop establishment costs by 90 per cent compared with conventional drilling.

Drawing micro climate Seed Hawk
The two knife openers place the seed and fertiliser at an optimal depth and distance apart. The aggressive soil seeking fertiliser knife places the fertiliser on firm soil and creates a small V-shaped micro seedbed for the seed. The seed knife closes the slot that has been created by the fertiliser knife and places the seed on firm soil, well protected and on the optimal level from the fertiliser. The 10 cm wide wheel pack seals the furrows to prevent moisture loss. The standing stubble protects the young plant against wind and creates a small micro climate.

Great placement in wet and dry conditions

The individual opener with 25cm row spacing provides a superior standard of seed and fertiliser placement in both wet and dry conditions.

The tines create an optimal seedbed; the tines disturb the soil and create a black furrow and seedbed just where it is needed. The soil warms up more quickly, which is key in direct drilling. Using the contour-following two-knife system with individual press wheel leads to elimination of hair pinning when seeding.

Seed Hawk knifes
The direct seeding tines are preferred due to the superior soil warming effect when creating a black furrow, also minimising the risk of “hair pinning”. The two knifes places both the seed and fertiliser on firm moist soil without the risk of burning the seed.

Decreased soil compaction

“Due to the minimised number of passes, soil compaction is naturally less of an issue, which could make the difference between drilling and not drilling in a wet year.

“It’s comparable to a sponge, after a few years of zero tillage, you can pour lots of water into a sponge without seeing anything on the top, while a compressed sponge doesn’t absorb any water”, explains Gustav Nilsson.

The Seed Hawk 30 series will primarily be sold in France, Spain, England, Russia and Latvia.
“It is a really a well-built machine, setting a new standard in the world of direct seeders”, says Gustav Nilsson.

Seed Hawk 30
Seed Hawk 800C