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Product image RDA

Rapid A

Rapid works the soil so thoroughly that it is often possible to drill directly after ploughing or cultivation with successful result

Flexibility - Rapid is always right

Rapid is fantastic in all situations - ploughed, minimum tillage or direct drilled. 20 years of experience makes the Rapid concept outstanding.
With Väderstad Rapid you obtain a powerful, soil cultivating drill that produces quality results under all conditions. Rapid is right regardless of cropping system. It makes no difference whether you want to drill directly into stubble, after ploughing or after minimal tillage.

Thanks to the powerful front tools and the soil cultivating ability of the seed coulter discs, Rapid can drill in all conditions at high speed. You save on the number of passes needed before drilling. The high coulter pressure gives good penetration ability and very good possibilities for direct drilling.

A reliable partner

Rapid A is available in working widths from 4 to 8 metres in seed only version and 6 to 8 metres in combi and Jumbo seed only version.

The Rapid A is easy to set up, calibration is done with a few simple steps.
Push the remote control button to fill up the bag. Weigh the sample and enter the value in the Control-Station. The Control-Station then automatically adjusts the metering unit after setting. Enter the desired seed rate in kg/ha - ready for drilling.

Customize your own Rapid

With a wide range of front tools you are able to build your own Rapid for your conditions.

  • With only Crossboard Heavy you get a very compact machine with high flexibility that is easy to manouver. Perfect solution for the conventional farmer.
  • System Agrilla has its rightful place on lighter soils where thorough loosening is required or on soils where the surface is hard.
  • System Disc is ideal for min till farming.
  • System Disc with Crossboard is is a front tool designed to crush clods and create a good surface before the coulters. Ideally suited for both ploughed and min till conditions.
  • System Disc Aggressive with Crossboard Light (RDA 400-800S) is our most aggressive front tool, perfect for working in tough ploughed or min till conditions with high demands and a lot of residues.

Precision drilling combined with extreme work capacity

Exact metering system

Rapid is characterised by high capacity and extraordinary precision.

The seed rate is controlled with the help of soil radar so that it remains constant regardless of driving speed. During work, the soil radar measures speed and sends information to the Control-Station, which controls the hydraulic motors of the seed metering units. This always allows an exact amount of seed to be metered out in relation to driving speed. A tried and tested solution without mechanical wear that gives precision and is generally maintenance-free

The exact Fenix pneumatic seed metering system can handle all seed sizes without the need to change cell wheel. Thanks to the hydraulic drive, high rates can be drilled without driving speed having to be reduced.

The metering system together with large hopper (3300 l for seed only version and 6000 l for combi version and Jumbo seed only version) gives Rapid A very high capacity.

Tested in very tough conditions

The Rapid has a high quality construction and has been tested in the toughest conditions possible in the Väderstad stone quarry. This is the reason why thousands of farmers every year decide for a Rapid. This also forces us to increase the lifetime for our wear parts on the machine. A good example is the Väderstad V-55 disc.

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Product family Rapid A (seed only)

Product family Rapid A (combi)

TopDown & Rapid concept

Rapid AC in sunflower stubble

Front tool options for Rapid A (seed only)

Front tool options for Rapid A (combi)

Filling Auger

Interactive Depth Control on Rapid A

LowLift switch

Lift stop

Bout markers

Master and slave system

Depth stop for Rapid A (seed only)


RDA Concept

1. Consolidation

Rapid A seed only version can be equipped with a pivot packer, to ensure that the same consolidation is exerted on areas between tractor wheels.
On our combi version and Jumbo version, the integral packer bears part of the load and thanks to the guide linkage, the machine is incredibly manoeuvrable on headlands.

The packer has two major roles:

  • Soil consolidation in the centre of the machine is improved, presenting a uniform surface into which to work
  • Radius of headland turning is considerably reduced

2. Cultivation

Depending on the front tools Rapid can work either directly in the stubble or on cultivated/ploughed land.
Rapid can be equipped with different front tools:

  • CrossBoard Heavy - Perfect solution for ploughed and cultivated land with low draught requirement
  • System Agrilla CrossBoard Light - The tines efficiently rip loose large amounts of material which the CrossBoard then breaks up and levelling the soil before seed coulters. System Agrilla efficiently interrupts capillary transport of water to the surface, levels the field after ploughing and moves fine material down into the seedbed
  • System Disc - Our most versatile front tool for min till farming. Intensive soil preparation with individual rubber suspension for each disc. The disc size in combination with the conical shape ensures small soil particles, ideal for a good seed bed. The discs are made of V-55-steel with a diameter of 410 mm for superior life time
  • System Disc CrossBoard Light – our most versatile and popular front tool, perfect for working in tough ploughed or min till conditions
  • System Disc Aggressive CrossBoard Light – our heaviest front tool ideal for working in reduced tillage conditions

3. Drilling

Rapid has an amazing ability to keep the seed depth under the most difficult conditions. Each packer wheel controls the drilling depth of two coulters by a unique mechanical linkage. The coulters are rubber suspended which ensures a calm operation also at high speed. Rapid has up to 150 kg coulter pressure (empty hopper) which enables penetration also under the toughest conditions.

The fertiliser discs with 250 mm spacing place the fertiliser between every second seed row to a preset depth. For optimum establishment the fertiliser should be placed at 2-3 cm deeper than the seeds.

The seed disc with 125 mm spacing cuts a small slit under the cultivated soil and places the seed in moist soil. Thereafter the seed is covered by fine soil created by the serrated edges of the discs. This is one of the explanations for the good and uniform emergence.

Rapid uses a single seed disc to achieve a seed furrow as narrow as possible. In the protected area behind the disc, the coulter places the seed. The discs are made of Swedish steel, hardened up to HRC55 - Väderstad V-55. This ensures a strong and hard disc and therefore a longer lifetime.

4. Consolidation

Each wheel consolidates the soil over two rows of seed and one row of fertiliser. Consolidation ensures good contact between soil and seed, and therefore good water supply to the germinating seed.

The packer wheels are placed in an offset position. This means that alternate wheels in the packer roll have been displaced 190 mm backwards on a separate axle. This creates a channel between alternate wheels through which soil and harvest trash can flow and pass out behind the seed drill. This prevents soil walling up in front of the wheel row, which is an advantage on very light soils. OffSet also allows drilling under much tougher conditions and gives the drill a lower draught requirement.

5. Loosening

The following harrow creates a loose evaporation barrier that prevents surface crusting after heavy rain.

Working angle and the pressure applied to the soil can be adjusted. This facility permits fine-tuning of the amount of cultivation achieved by the harrow, while at the same time allowing varying levels of crop residue to be dealt with.The harrow is positioned to run in-between the seed rows, so there is no risk of disturbing shallow-drilled seeds.

Standard features

Packer RDAC/RDAJ Packer between the tractor wheels (RDAC/RDAJ)
Hydraulic fan Hydraulic fan
Exact metering system Metering system
Control-Station Control-Station
Koncept Unique depth control - not sensitive to stones
Half machine shut off Half machine shut off for Rapid A, 6 and 8 metre
Rubber suspension Rubber suspension
Discs Sharp, serrated seed discs
Rapid A 600S Large hopper with roll-top
OffSet wheels Offset wheels for consolidation
Scrapers Scrapers
Disc and pre emergence markers Disc and pre-emergence markers
Following harrow Following harrow
Combi drilling (Rapid A Combi version) Combi drilling (Rapid A Combi version)
GPS-Control GPS Control

Front tools Rapid A Seed only version

CrossBoard Heavy Crossboard Heavy
System Agrilla CrossBoard Light Crossboard Light System Agrilla
System Disc CrossBoard Light Crossboard Light System Disc
System Disc System Disc
SDA for RDAS Crossboard Light System Disc Aggressive

Front tools Rapid A Combi and Jumbo seed only version

CrossBoard Heavy RDAC Crossboard Heavy
System Agrilla CrossBoard Heavy RDAC Crossboard Heavy System Agrilla
System Disc RDAC System Disc
System Disc CrossBoard Heavy RDAC Crossboard Heavy System Disc


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar couplings
Track eradicator RDA 400-800S Track eradicators
RDAS wheel press Pivot Wheel press packer Pivot (Rapid A seed only version)
Extra Pivot packer Extra wheels Packer Pivot
Filling auger Rapid A CanAGRO filling auger
BioDrill BioDrill
Interactive depth control Interactive depth control
Distributor head for maize Distributor head for maize
Hopper extension Hopper extension Rapid A Seed only version
Digitroll Seed Master Integra Digitroll Seed Master Integra
PTO hydraulic pump PTO Hydraulic pump
Support wheel RDAS Support wheel
Seed coulter Seed coulter
Reinforced tyre RDAS Reinforced tyre

Rapid A 400-800S

Technical specification Rapid A

Rapid A 600-800C and Rapid A 600-800J

Technical specification Rapid A