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Cultus BioDrill BDX


BioDrill is a flexible seedbox for sowing small seeds in the same pass as tillage. Available with pneumatic or mechanical seed distribution

BioDrill - small seed establishment with no compromise

Modern farming requires more precision. BioDrill has been developed without compromising in order to comply with the demands of the most professional farmers.

BioDrill lets you drill small seed crops at the same time as performing a cultivation or drilling of the main crop.

The proven metering system Fenix from Rapid and Spirit has been used for BioDrill. This is a professional solution to ensure a precise distribution of small seeds such as oil seeds, grass seed and catch crops - even at low rates. This superior precision allows working with lower seed rates.

BioDrill BDA/BD 360

BioDrill is a flexible pneumatic seeder for small seeds. Drilling is carried out at the same time as cultivation/drilling with the host machine. BioDrill BDA 360 has electric drive with very accurate setting of the seed rate from 1-30 kg/ha. The driving speed is measured with a radar, which gives exact seed metering.

BioDrill BDA 360 is available for Spirit, Cultus 420-500 and TopDown 400-700.

A mechanical version, BD 360, is available for Carrier 500-820, Rollex and Rexius. A hydraulic version is available for Rapid A 600-800C/J/S.


BioDrill BDX 180 and BDX 250

BioDrill is a flexible mechanical seeder with electrical drive for small seeds. Drilling is carried out at the same time as cultivation/drilling with the host machine. BioDrill BDX 180 and BDX 250 have a studded roller gravity metering system.

BioDrill BDX 180/250 is available for Carrier 300-400, Cultus 300-400 and TopDown 300.

A mechanical version, Grassbox, is available for Rapid 300-400C/S.


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TopDown 500 with BioDrill

TopDown with BioDrill BDA

Cultus with BioDrill BDX

Metering system

BioDrill – works with nature

With BioDrill you can save time, money and at the same time improve soil fertility.

By drilling grass seed or a catch crop at the same time as doing another cultivation or at the same time as drilling the main crop, valuable time and diesel can be saved.

There are plenty of good examples of farmers that establish Oil Seed Rape when doing the primary cultivation with a TopDown or Cultus. The deeper cultivation gives good and even conditions for the root development and retains ground moisture.

Other farmers successfully drill grass seed at the same time as drilling barley to establish the next year pasture to save 2-3 additional passes.

Also from an agronomy point of view there are several advantages with BioDrill.

Drilling a catch crop with BioDrill keeps the soil growing all the time. The leakage of nitrogen is limited to a minimum and the organic matter that will be incorporated in the top soil level is maximized. This is a good example of how BioDrill helps you work with nature to bring both environmental as economical benefits.

Using the BioDrill to drill grass/clover at the same time as drilling barley or oats is another good example on how a preceding crop can become a safe and efficient environment for the emerging grass plants resulting in a strong start for your pasture.



Standard features BDA 360 (Spirit, Cultus 420-500 and TopDown 400-700)

Large hopper
Uniform spreading of seed
Fenix metering system
Control Station Control-Station
Removal after drilling

Standard features BDX 180 and 250 (Carrier 300-400, Cultus 300-400 and TopDown 300)

Large hopper
Unifrom spreading of seed Uniform spreading of seed
Electrical drive
Control Station Control-Station
Radar Radar
Removal after drilling

Technical specification BioDrill