Updrade your Vaderstad NZ Aggressive

A heavy, intensive working seedbed cultivator with CrossBoard for effective levelling.

NZ Aggressive


NZ Aggressive rear Crossboard
Rear CrossBoard

Parts number
7103153 NZA 600
7103154 NZA 700
7103155 NZA 800
7103156 NZA 900
7103157 NZA 1000
The NZA is easily fitted with a rear CrossBoard to further enhance the cultivation effect. The result is an even flatter and finer tilth.

NZ Aggressive
CrossBoard with SingleKnife


Parts number
7103179 SingleKnife NZA 600
7103180 SingleKnife NZA 700
7103181 SingleKnife NZA 800
7103182 SingleKnife NZA 900
7103183 SingleKnife NZA 1000
7103184 SingleKnife NZA 0,5+0,5m

The knives break up the soil and CrossBoard distributes it evenly over the field, resulting in a reduction in passes.

NZ Aggressive
Hitch-on drawbar


Parts number
7203200 NZA 500-600
7203201 NZA 700-800
7203202 NZA 900-1000
7203042 NZE, F, G, I
7403005 NZA 500-1000, Setoff hoses

The hitch-on drawbar with hydraulics makes it possible to attach a ring roller behind the cultivator so that two operations can be carried out in a single pass.

NZ Aggressive 
Extension kits 


Parts number
7103176 Extension NZA 700-800
7103158 Extension rear CrossBoard
7103198 Extension following harrow
7103177 Extension NZA 900-1000
7103159Extension rear CrossBoard
7103199 Extension following harrow

Increase the working width and capacity of your existing NZA cultivator with extention kits including following harrow and rear CrossBoard.

NZ Aggressive 800 Product image
Spare wheel

  Parts number
7403002 NZA 500-600
7403003 NZA 700-1000
The spare wheel can be conveniently mounted on the drawbar.

NZ Aggressive
Track eradicators


Parts number
7403004 NZA 500-1000


Track eradicators are supplied in sets of 8 for right/left assembly and work with dual wheels.

Machine plate
Machine model plate

  To make ordering easier, note the size and serial number of your machine – these are given on a metal plate on the machine.