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Spirit R in transport
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Spirit R

A pneumatic seed drill with impressive seed placement

Modern design and new engineering in the new Spirit R

An innovative, modern design and new engineering characterise the new pneumatic seed drill Spirit R 300S, which gives the same strong and established results as the bigger Spirit models. E-Control system, wireless communication that is easy to operate and gives clear information about the machine’s function and settings.

A responsive pneumatic seed drill with impressive precision in seed placement, even at high speeds. The System Disc Aggressive front tool makes the machine very adaptable to different soil types and cultivation needs. Its large easy-to-fill seed hopper allows a high capacity. The large, broad OffSet-positioned gauge wheels reconsolidate the soil and greatly reduce the draught requirement. The seed coulters have a row spacing of 12.5cm


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Front tools
System Disc Aggressive in x-shape ensures that the machine runs straight behind the tractor

Works in stubble and ploughed soil

With its two distinct front tools, which are both easy to operate from the tractor cab, Spirit R can adapt to different conditions. For farms which plough the majority of their soils, the CrossBoard Heavy toolbar is recommended. CrossBoard Heavy effectively crushes clods and levels the soil, while still keeping the draught requirement low.

On farms where tillage is carried out with a cultivator or disc implement, the System Disc Aggressive front tool is the most appropriate choice. Its 45 cm individually mounted discs with strong bearings provide high precision and an accurate working depth. The disc’s conical form ensure the same cultivating angle, regardless of wear or working depth. The positioning of the discs in an X-shape ensures that the machine runs straight behind the tractor.

System Disc Aggressive SDA   Front tool SDA CBH
System Disc Aggressive   CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive



Main frame with wheels


New modern frame construction with central frame beam

The frame is optimised for machines with a 3–4 metre working width. The central beam provides easy access for service and adjustments.


Outstanding reconsolidation

The centrally placed OffSet-positioned gauge wheels have tractor pattern radial tyres, 820 mm in diameter and 400 mm in width. This gives outstanding reconsolidation and levelling of soil and a smooth, stable passage in the field, even at high speeds. Each wheel is individually mounted, making it easy to repair, e.g. when a puncture occurs.

The OffSet positioning of the tyres reduces the draught requirement, gives a high throughflow of soil and plant residues and decreases the risk of soil drag.

The tread pattern also gives the tyres even better self-cleaning capacity. In difficult conditions this gives the tyres even more traction and a better result overall. Apart from in the support wheels, the air pressure can be reduced slightly compared to the level required in the old tyres. This means that the tyres have even better self-cleaning properties.


Spirit R in action
Spirit R in transport



Spirit R hopper with intergrated fan


Seed hopper with integrated fan

The HDPE-plastic seed hopper holds up to 2,800 litres and does not corrode. The seed hopper’s design provides a low filling height, a large opening and good angles of repose. The working platform is positioned on the side of the seed hopper for easy access when filling.

The fan is located high up and integrated into the front of the seed hopper to minimise the intake of dust, while protecting all sensitive components at the same time. This solution gives the metering system enhanced durability. The air distribution system has low oil requirements and is adapted to smaller tractors.



Newly developed high-class metering system

The new electrical Fenix III metering system is incredibly precise and can drill everything from 1 kg up to 500 kg of seed per hectare up to 15 km/h. The metering roller is made of an elastic material, which prevents damage in the case that an object of some kind becomes stuck in the metering system. This also protects the motor effectively.

The metering is distributed between two distributor heads, which enables half of the machine to be switched off from the driver’s seat. The metering system is connected to an optimised air supply with low pressure requirements, which reduces fuel consumption.


Settings E-Control   Distributor heads STR
Settings from cab   Two distributor heads enables half machine shut-off



Coulter pressure with TriForce
The triangular rubber cushioning, TriForce, ensures consistent downward force

TriForce coulter mounting gives good flexibility

The hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure means that the depth placement easily can be optimised for a range of different conditions, with lower pressure on light soils to full coulter pressure on heavier soils. The coulter pressure can be adjusted easily from the cab through the activation of pre-installed adjustment values.

Through its shape, the triangular rubber cushioning, TriForce, ensures consistent downward force even at high impact and high speed. This radically improves seed placement on varying soil types and uneven fields. The large diameter of the seed disc allows the drill to work stably, together with the specially hardened steal V-55 which ensures a very long service life time.

The discs are firmly mounted by a single bolt which reduces the time it takes to change them. The width and depressurised tyres of the packer wheels allow them to maintain the same flat shape against the seedbed regardless of pressure. This ensures that the coulters maintain their depth and that the seed furrows are (finished) closed even on very light soils.

The tyres are in continuous movement, which keeps them free from soil, while being tubeless with no risk of punctures. The spokes prevent soil from clogging between the wheel arch and the scraper.



Smooth and stabile operation

All parts that enter the soil are suspended, which means that the frame remains very stable and that the depth precision is maintained.

All of Spirit R’s moving parts are unique Väderstad solutions to ensure a long service life with unaltered precision.


Spirit R seen from above



Light version of following harrow   Heavy version following harrow
Following harrow light   Following harrow heavy


Flexible following harrow solutions

Following harrows are available in two versions. A light version with harrow tines on each seed unit or a heavy version which is a centrally suspended following harrow. The heavy following harrow can be operated easily from the driver’s seat through the activation of pre-installed adjustment values.

The Spirit R 300S is available for delivery from January 2017.

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Concept zones on Spirit R

1. Cultivation/Levelling

Depending on the front tools Spirit R can work either directly in the stubble or on cultivated/ploughed land.
Spirit R can be equipped with different front tools depending on work:


  • System Disc Aggressive - Our most versatile front tool for min till farming. Intensive soil preparation with individual rubber suspension for each disc. The System Disc Aggressive is the same type as on the Carrier enabling full cut out in one pass. The disc size in combination with the conical shape ensures small soil particles, ideal for a good seed bed. The discs are positioned in an X-pattern with a unique double disc in the centre of the first row to ensure that no lateral forces enter the machine. The discs are made of V55-steel with a diameter of 450 mm for superior life time
  • CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive. CrossBoard Heavy in front of System Disc Aggressive levels off uneven fields also in difficult conditions. In some conditions this front tool works direct in ploughed land


2. Consolidation

The large OffSet carrying wheels have several functions.

  • The large diameter of 820 mm ensures calm operation also at high speed
  • The wide 400 mm wheels prepare the way, give Spirit R a stable passage and allow the seed coulters to maintain constant drilling depth on all soils
  • OffSet placement decreases the draught requirement up to 25% thanks to improved soil flow and less bulldozing

3. Drilling

Spirit R has 380 mm large discs for high speed accuracy. The OffSet V-discs move the soil to the side and place the seed in the bottom of the seed furrow. The soil falls back behind the discs and covers the seed with fine soil. Seed coulter pressure up to 80 kg to ensure a good penetration. The unique TriForce rubber suspension gives a supreme ability to follow ground contour. Accurate drilling depth is easily set with clips.

4. Reconsolidation

The large 380x65 mm press wheels give a calm operation also at high speed. Soft tires, rim with spokes and effective scrapers ensure good function also in loose soil or wet conditions. The wide press wheel controls the seed depth very precise also in uneven ground and ensures good seed-to-soil contact. This is the key for strong germination.

5. Finishing

The harrow is positioned to run in-between the seed rows, so there is no risk of disturbing shallow-drilled seeds. The following harrow makes a loose evaporation barrier to preserve moisture and prevents capping after heavy rain.

Standard features

X-shape runs straight X-shape runs straight
One disc - one arm One arm - one disc
Conical disc Conical disc for better result
V-55 steel
Fenix III  metering system Fenix III robust metering system
Roller metering unit Fenix III Flexible metering roller
Hopper Spirit R Large hopper 2800 l
Easy calibration on STR Easy calibration
OffSet wheels, two positions available OffSet wheels
Väderstad ram bearings
Väderstad linkage bearings
TriForce TriForce
Coulter arm on Spirit R Seed disc
Press wheels on STR Press wheel
Tramline system
Half machine shut-off Electrical half machine shut-off
High capacity fan

Front tools

System Disc Aggressive
CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive


Following harrow STR Following harrow light
Following harrow STR Following harrow heavy
Pre emergence markers Pre emergence markers
Coulter pressure Active coulter pressure
Track eradicators on Spirit R Track eradicators
Disc marker arms on Spirit R Disc marker arm
Closeup brakes Spirit R Brakes

Spirit R


Metering Electric
Working width (m)  3,0
Transport width (m) 3,0
Transport height (m) 2,65
Transport length (m) 8,9
Basic weight (kg) 4000
Volume seed hopper (l) 2800
Number of seed coulters 24
Row spacing seed (mm) 125
Seed coulter pressure max (kg) 80
Seed disc diameter (mm) 380
Recommended working speed (km/h) 8-14
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) 400/55x15,5
Hydraulic requirements 3 DA +FR
Draught requirements from (hp) 110
Oil capacity for hydraulic fan (l/min) 30


H = Hydraulic
P = Pneumatic


Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.