RexiusTwin 450
RexiusTwin 450
Close-up RexiusTwin


High quality press built for the toughest conditions

Whether on light or heavy soil, there is great rationalisation potential with the press RexiusTwin. RexiusTwin crushes clods, levels and reconsolidates at speed to a degree that is unique. The toolbar and rings leave the surface well-prepared for drilling.


RexiusTwin in ploughed land   Before and after RexiusTwin   Before and after RexiusTwin



Third tine row


Vibrating tines lower the draught requirement

The vibrating tines are continually in motion and lower the draught requirement of the machine and the need to replace wearing parts, while at the same time giving a high soil cultivating capacity down to 15 cm. The tines can be fitted with either cultivating or mixing points.

The Ripper points transport the soil forward and are therefore designed for shallower work on ploughed soil, while the Cultus points have a mixing action and are mainly designed for stubble cultivation


Cultus point   Ripper point RST
Mixing   Cutting / loosening



RexiusTwin CrossBoard


CrossBoard grinds and levels

When the tines have done their work, CrossBoard efficiently crushes clods and levels the surface across the entire working width of the machine. The double-acting stabiliser bar ensures that all CrossBoard tines work at the pre-set depth and carry out maximum cultivation, without the individual tines moving backwards and forwards. The bar can easily be removed when cultivating lighter soils or if greater throughflow is needed. The intensity of work can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab and CrossBoard is fitted with a Master & Slave system so that the different segments of the press maintain the same position.
With the SingleKnife tool fitted on CrossBoard, the cultivation effect is upgraded further. These tools are easy to fit, without the need for tools, using the Väderstad QuickChange System.


SingleKnife on CrossBoard   QuickChange System
SingleKnife   QuickChange System



Overlapping rings on RST


Aggressive rings with phenomenal carrying

The overlapping packer rings were designed after rigorous testing in a wide range of conditions. The broad shoulder of the rings combined with an aggressive edge efficiently break up stone-hard clods, while giving phenomenal carrying capacity on wet and dry soils, despite the weight being up to 1650 kg/metre. The shoulder also means that the draught requirement is moderate even on loose surfaces.

Creating a well consolidated soil allows moisture transport and provides roots with the right conditions for developing.


RexiusTwin   Ridges dries faster



Self-cleaning with continual drive

The overlapping rings are self-cleaning and together with the scrapers permit work in wet conditions.

The powerful rings are coupled together, so they always ‘help out’ in driving each other around during work. This means that the sections do not drag on light or wet soils, but always work to rotate and cultivate. The springs exert continuous pressure, compensating for any wear on the rings.

Spring-loaded bearings and long life

An axle with diameter 65 mm and high quality bearings, which are also spring-loaded to adsorb shocks, result in problem-free seasons year after year. The bearings unit also has multiple seals and can be lubricated on both sides. Many of the bearings components are manufactured from hardened specialist steel


Continual drive packer rings RST   Bearing RST



Controls pests

The cultivating and consolidating action of RexiusTwin also has the effect of compressing air pockets in the soil where slugs can survive and breed. If mice are a problem, a combination of deep cultivation followed by RexiusTwin is better than conventional ploughing.

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Master and slave system

Concept zones RexiusTwin

1. Cultivation

The Raptor tines prepare a ploughed or cultivated land into a seedbed - often in one pass. The tines are very strong and are able to operate down to 15 cm depth. A tine spacing of 20 cm is standard, with a row stagger of 40 cm. Cultivation intensity can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab during work.

2. Crushing/levelling

The CrossBoard Heavy is capable of carrying and crushing huge volumes of heavy, cloddy soil. The aggressiveness can be changed from the cab during work. In even tougher conditions the CrossBoard tines can be locked together with a stabilising rod.

When lifting the Raptor tines on the headland, the CrossBoard will lift half way giving a slight levelling also when turning.

3. Consolidation

The two rows of 73 cm diameter press rings have a sharp outer edge to cut the clods. A 10 cm shoulder limits the working depth of the ring on soft soil. The firm, ridged profile left by the rings quickly regains capillary action and drains well. Regular wetting and drying in the ridges allows the weather to finish the seedbed preparations for the user.

Thanks to the interlocking of every second ring and the OffSet placement of the two packers the RexiusTwin is able to operate in difficult conditions without blocking.


Standard features

Rexius Twin Raptor tines
CrossBoard Heavy CrossBoard Heavy
Twin packer Twin packer
Rubber packer suspension Packer rubber suspension
Spring suspended interlocking Spring suspended interlocking

Point options

Ripper point 40 mm standard Ripper 40 mm (standard)
Raptor 40 mm Raptor 40 mm 15 mm thick
Marathon point 25 mm Marathon point 25 mm
Cultus point 65 mm Cultus point 65 mm


Third tine row Third tine row
Track eradicator Rexius Twin Track eradicator
NZA CrossBoard SingleKnife SingleKnife







Working width (m) 4,5 5,5 6,3 8,3 10,3
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0
Transport height (m) 3,99 3,99 3,99 3,99 3,99
Number of sections 3 3 3 5 5
Basic weight (kg) 7400 8700 9600 13700 15000
Recommended working speed (km/h) 10-13 10-13 10-13 10-13 10-13
Brakes H/P H/P H/P H/P H/P
Wheel dimensions (transport wheel) 520/50x17 400/60x15,5 400/60x15,5 520/50x17 520/50x17
Hydraulic requirements (DA) 3 3 3 3 3
Draught requirement from (hp) 140 160 200 270 350


H = Hydraulic
P = Pneumatic
DA = Double acting


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