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Opus 600


Heavy tine cultivator - Power and flexibility

If a heavy tine cultivator that can operate down to 40 cm is needed, Opus is a excellent choice. With tines spaced at 27 cm Opus allows very good throughflow. The unique choice of shins and points available means that the cultivator is very adaptable to local conditions. Adjustable reconsolidation with exchangeable packers gives full flexibility, even with varying soil moisture and soil texture.

Opus is available in 4, 5, 6 and 7 m working widths.

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Powerful and spacious

The heavy tine cultivator Opus is built on a very powerful frame that can withstand stresses, extending the working life. With a tine spacing of 27 cm and a soil clearance of 80 cm, the cultivator can handle large amounts of harvest residues while keeping the draught requirement moderate. Levellers and packers are mounted in rubber cushioning to protect the main frame. 



Stenutlösning td 700px


Durable tine solution

The welded tine mountings ensure that the tines maintain their position and eliminate the need for bolt tightening. The tines are fixed to the frame by specially designed bolts with conical bushing, making them maintenance-free.
The tines have hydraulic stone release, which can be set variably up to 700 kg release force. Thanks to this high release force and its soil-seeking points, Opus is able to maintain a constant working depth even on the heaviest soils. Depth control is also influenced positively by the tines springing back more fully on impacts.

td tine 




MixIn shin mixes the soil effectively

The tines are equipped with a split point and MixIn shin as standard. Ordinary points wear many times faster than the MixIn shin, and therefore it is more cost-effective to have to change only the point. The advantage in cultivation terms is that this design results in a constant mixing action over time.

The MixIn shin throws soil forwards instead of upwards, while also mixing and finely distributing the soil. The point angle is optimised to give as little clod formation as possible. This construction results in very effective cultivation, since soil and harvest residues are mixed several times in the same pass. This leads to very good horizontal distribution of harvest residues.



Works down to 40 cm

The different cultivation possibilities in combination with the range of shins and points available mean that Opus can carry out many different tasks without needing a change of tractor. By using the range of points available to the optimum, it is easy e.g. to cultivate the surface to shallow depth or to work down to 40 cm with the help of DeepLoosening points. If the aim is to improve drainage without mixing the soil, LowDisturbance points are available as a complement to the DeepLoosening points.

It is also possible to achieve complete slicing across the entire working width. By fitting Opus with folding tines and thinning out the tine distribution, it is possible to reduce the draught requirement and avoid the need for a larger tractor.

 Tines Opus   Tines Opus    Tines Opus 
Kit for raised tine   LowDisturbance point   DeepLoosening point



rotating levellers Opus


Rotating levellers

Opus is fitted with hydraulically adjustable rotating levellers. These can be adjusted hydraulically as required. Rotating levelling discs are better than cheaper tine solutions on heavy soils. The levelling discs are maintenance-free.



Opus without packer
Opus without packer


Flexible choice of packers

For Opus, there are two different models of packer to choose between in order to suit all conditions. The packers can be removed or exchanged, an advantage in different tillage conditions.

SoilRunner is a U-profile packer in which soil acts on soil, leaving an open cultivated surface. Its construction means that SoilRunner does not clog up and when the U-profile is filled with soil the degree of wear is lower. The soil also adds additional weight to the packer, increasing the reconsolidation effect.

Single SteelRunner is a cultivating steel packer with enormous resistance to wear. It crushes clods efficiently and presses down stones. The deep profile makes it best qualified for medium to heavy soils. The shape results in the roller not only working the surface, but also pressing plant residues into the soil and thus increasing the decomposition rate. Hanging scrapers keep the packer clean even in wet conditions.

Double SteelRunner is a very aggressive steel packer which works well in all soil types, including wet conditions. Because of the design of the packer the soil dries up faster, thereby allowing the farmer to quickly go out on the field for the next operation. Double SteelRunner creates a full depth reconsolidation and a heavy clod breaking. Double SteelRunner will be available for Opus in the first half of 2017.  

Soilrunner Opus   Soilrunner Opus



Transport Opus


Flexible in transport and on headlands

The carrying wheels are positioned in the middle of the machine, which makes Opus easy to transport and gives it a small turning circle on headlands. The wheels are equipped with scrapers, which means that they run free even in difficult conditions. Behind each wheel there is a tine to leave a perfect surface without tracks. Support wheels on the wing sections ensure that the cultivator works to constant depth across the entire working width.

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1. Drawbar

The drawbar has a modular construction, and a ball hitch and a wide range of ring hitches are available.

2. Loosening and mixing

The cultivator consists of hydraulically sprung tines with adjustable release pressure. These loosen the soil, fracture pans down to 40 cm depth and efficiently incorporate harvest residues. The tines can be fitted with a large range of different point and shin options according to requirements. The shape of the tines and the high ground clearance of 80 cm mean that large amounts of harvest residues can be mixed into the soil and give impressive throughflow. Welded tine mountings with special bolts hold the tines in place. 
Large carrying wheels and support wheels with scrapers ensure that a constant working depth is maintained. 

3. Levelling

Hydraulically adjustable rotating levelling discs leave a smooth surface even on heavy soils. The greaseless bearings make the discs maintenance-free. The discs can be controlled from the tractor cab on the go.

4. Reconsolidation

There are two models of packer to choose from depending on requirements. SoilRunner is an overlapping double packer which works soil against soil. The alternative is SteelRunner, the most aggressive steel packer on the market for heavy soils. SteelRunner is also very good for pressing down stones.

Standard Features

TopDown in field Pending scrapers
TopDown Tines
Maintenance-free fastening Maintenance free fastening

Point options

Point TD 50mm Point 50 mm
Point TD 80mm Point 80 mm
Point 50-80 mm Point 50/80 mm
Point 120 mm Point 120 mm
Low disturbance point LowDisturbance point
Deep loosening point DeepLoosening point
Point Marathon 80 mm Marathon points 80 mm and wing shares
Wing share Wing shares 300 mm
MixIn shin 50 mm MixIn shin for 50 mm
MixIn shin 80 mm MixIn shin for 80 mm
Twisted shin Twisted shin 80 mm
Inward throwing shin Inward throwing shin
Raised tine Kit for raised tine

Packer options

SteelRunner 180x110px Single SteelRunner
SoilRunner Double Double SoilRunner
Double SteelRunner Double SteelRunner
Available in the first half of 2017


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar couplings






Effective working width (m) 3,75 4,75 5,75 6,75
Packer width (m) 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0
Transport height (m) 2,68 3,12 3,6 4,0
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) 5600 6200 8400 9000
Weight with double SoilRunner (kg) 5200 5600 7900 8500
Number of tines 14 18 22 26
Tine spacing (cm) 27 27 27 27
Brakes H/P H/P H/P H/P
Recommended working speed (km/h) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Wheel dimension (support wheels) - - 400/55-15,5 400/55-15,5
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) 520/50-17 520/50-17 550/45-22,5 550/45-22,5
Hydraulic requirements (DA) 3 3 3 3
Draught requirements from (hp) 170 210 270 320


H = Hydraulic
P = Pneumatic
DA = Double acting


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