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Carrier and Carrier X

A versatile disc cultivator for stubble as well as ploughed or tilled conditions

Carrier is a very powerful and versatile disc cultivator fitted with 45 cm discs made from Swedish specialist hardened steel. The driving speed is 12-15 km/h, creating very high capacity. The weight on each disc means that the working depth is maintained even in difficult conditions. The conical shape of the discs maintains the same working angle irrespective of wear and working depth, and creates fine soil for false seedbeds. All discs are individually mounted, which gives greater precision and throughflow. The straw harrow, CrossCutter Knife and CrossBoard toolbars together with the seed drill BioDrill make Carrier an extremely flexible machine.


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Carrier for versatility and economy

Carrier is built with the focus on versatility and economy in work. All disc cultivators in the Carrier family are characterised by their powerful frame of high-quality Swedish steel. The frame is fully welded to avoid loose bolt connections and the heavy wear that can arise when driving at high speed. The warp resistance is impressive. 
Machine parts running on the soil surface are rubber-cushioned, which extends the life of the frame and the components.

Carrier folding  




Discs for high capacity

The 45 cm discs have small notches, which means that they create a finer flow of soil and are perfect for creating a false seedbed. This is particularly important for encouraging small seeds, such as those of volunteer rape and weeds, to germinate. 
The conical shape of the discs means that the working angle relative to the soil is always the same, irrespective of wear. All discs are individually mounted, which gives better contouring, greater precision and high throughflow.




TrueCut 470 discs works deeper and handles more residue

Carrier and Carrier X disc cultivators can also be equipped with TrueCut 470 millimetre disc that offers aggressive, deeper and more homogenous cultivation. With an improved soil grip it gains the added power to handle more plant trash. The distinctive and slightly larger “TrueCut-cutouts” of the 470 mm disc, penetrate the ground and crush and mix crop residues efficiently; leading to faster decomposition and thus a better field hygiene.


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CrossCutter Discs improves field hygiene

By fitting CrossCutter Disc instead of discs on Carrier, very uniform ultra-shallow cultivation can be carried out. With 3 cm working depth, volunteer rape and weed seeds germinate and can be controlled optimally. This improves field hygiene and thus profitability.


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X-Disc rendering CRX


X-shape gives straight run

The discs are positioned in an X-shape, which means that lateral forces cancel each other out and give the disc cultivator neutral geometry in this regard. The result is a dead straight run behind the tractor, which is essential when using GPS control and is also a great advantage in sloping conditions. The X-shape is used on all folding Carrier models.




Multifunctional tool carrier

A number of Carrier models can be equipped with toolbars. The straw harrow spreads out straw after combine harvesting and makes tillage easier, while also ensuring that all plants in the following crop have the same conditions. 
CrossCutter Knife efficiently slices up everything from intercrops to tough maize stubble. The toolbar is positioned at right angles to the discs, which means that the plant material is sliced apart from two directions. The toolbar gives Carrier full flexibility to work from ultrashallow to full working depth.  
CrossBoard crushes clods and slices and levels plough furrows.  

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Full slicing with lateral adjustment

In order to achieve effective control of creeping weeds, all roots must be cut off in an efficient way during the first pass. To ensure optimal slicing and thereby uniform cultivation, the front row of discs can be easily adjusted in the lateral direction with the help of rigging screws. 
The outer disc arms can be adjusted in the vertical direction to give perfect levelling of the field.






Carried or trailed

Carrier 300-400 is available in both hydraulically carried and trailed format. The simple frame gives a stable and durable disc cultivator that sits very close to the tractor when carried on the three-point linkage, which saves on front ballast and thus decreases the compaction risk. In combination with RubberRunner, the machine can be fitted with a towbar and then also with CrossBoard. If additional penetration ability is required, the machine can be fitted with a full 800 kg of extra weight.





CRX on field from tractor


Carrier X

Carrier X is a folded mounted disc cultivator available with working widths between 4,25 and 6,25 m. The mounting tight to the machine keeps the weight need down and the 2,4 m transport width makes it easy to maneuver. The machine can be stored folded which saves space. Both the wing folding and the ram heads have long life bushings, together with the heavy duty frame this gives a long life time. Carrier X can be used together with a manure distributor head to incorporate slurry.

In order to adapt to the harsh environment associated with fertiliser delivery, the Carrier X can be fitted with a new fertiliser package. The package includes an extremely high class galvanised frame, carbon rod protection, a hydraulic wing lock and stainless steel hoses. The result is a machine with a very long life even in demanding environments.

SteelRunner, SoilRunner or CageRunner HeavyDuty are available for reconsolidation.


CRX adjustment in field   CRX in field
CRX clearcut from side   CRX clearcut



Carrier 1225 with weights


Uniform consolidation over entire working width

Since the centre section is heavier than the wing sections on Carrier 1225, these are supplied with extra weight to achieve the same soil pressure across the entire working width. The same applies for reconsolidation, as the packer on the wing sections of both Carrier 925 and Carrier 1225 are heavier to ensure uniform reconsolidation across the entire working width.

CTF customised to 12 metres

The Carrier family is well suited to a 12-metre Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) system. Given Carrier has an overlap of 10 cm on each side, it ensures that the entire soil profile is cultivated very efficiently. Furthermore, the X-formation of the discs ensures straight-line contouring behind the tractor. Carrier 1225 has a working width of 12.25 m and can be fitted with 450mm discs with small cut-outs, or high quality TrueCut discs with a diameter of 470mm.



Väderstad folding makes Carrier easy to transport

The Väderstad folding system gives Carrier up to 12.25m a transport width of only 3m. Together with the bogie carriage, this makes it easy to move the versatile disc cultivator between fields.


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Unfolding Carrier   Folding Carrier



Match packer to requirements

The carried 3.0m and 3.5m Carrier 300 and 350 can be equipped with CageRunner (cage roller), a low inertia and self-cleaning packer with low weight.
For Carrier X, the robust CageRunner HeavyDuty is available.

RubberRunner (rubber packer) is available for Carrier 300-820. The more fully covering profile of RubberRunner decreases the inertia and thus the risk of soil ridging on lighter soils.

Carrier can be equipped with SteelRunner (steel packer) which efficiently crushes clods and presses down stones. SteelRunner has a deep profile, making it the obvious choice on medium to heavy soils.

The hydraulically mounted Carrier 300-400 as well as Carrier X 425-625 can be delivered with single SoilRunner. A compacting packer with Ø 575 mm U-profile, well-adapted to hydraulically mounted Carrier. The U-profile fills directly with soil and uses it to work soil to soil.

The packer axle has rubber cushioning, extending the life of the roller, frame and axle.

Cagerunner CR300   steelrunner CR300
CageRunner   SteelRunner  
rubberrunner CR300   Studio image of Carrier with SoilRunner  
RubberRunner   Single SoilRunner



Carrier with BioDrill


BioDrill makes Carrier a seed drill

With BioDrill, Carrier can be converted into a highly precise seed drill for small-seeded crops.
The great advantages with BioDrill are that it allows a crop to be drilled directly after harvesting when the soil is moist and it saves time and diesel in a hectic period. Compared with a conventional establishment system with ploughing and a number of cultivations, the savings in terms of time and diesel are enormous.
For the trailed Carrier models, there is a newly developed spreader plate that increases the precision further at high speeds, when seed placement is sensitive to wind.


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Carrier 300-400


Carrier X 425-625

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Carrier 925-1225



Product family Carrier

Carrier 300-400

Carrier 1225 with X-disc

CrossCutter Disc

Carrier with CrossCutter Knife in cover crops

Unfolding of Carrier

Folding of Carrier

The Carrier concept

Vaderstadt Cross Cutter

FPV Quad filming 'drilling of rapeseed'

Carrier with zones 700px

1. Front tools

a) Straw distribution

Uniform distribution of straw is a requirement in shallow tillage, in order to create equal germination conditions for all seeds. A straw harrow in front of Carrier helps to distribute the straw over a greater area, particularly when the operation is carried out at a slight angle to the driving direction of the combine.

b) Ultrashallow cultivation

CrossCutter Knife slices the material at a 90 degree angle to the working direction of the discs and helps increase the intensity of cultivation. CrossCutter Knife is suitable for stubble cultivation and for breaking up an intercrop. When used on stubble, it further improves the breakdown of straw. In oilseed rape stubble, germination of leftover seed can be improved by working to shallower depth, thus improving field hygiene. In intercrops, all straw is fractured and simultaneously incorporated to a suitable working depth.


2. Cultivation

a) With discs

Two rows of special V55 hardened Swedish steel discs aggressively slice the soil and mix harvest trash down to 10-12cm depth. The conical shape of the discs ensures good crumbling of the soil which gives perfect germination conditions for the false seedbed. Another benefit of the conical shaped disc is a constant working angle despite of wear. The 450mm discs provide a high rotation speed with exceptional high disc pressure which effectively chops straw and create a fine tilth structure.

The disc X-shape eliminates side forces ensuring a straight operation behind the tractor. The X dividing discs are placed behind the tractor wheels for an optimum even result.

b) With discs and CrossBoard

An option for most Carrier models is the CrossBoard. CrossBoard is used mainly for crushing, pulverising and levelling ploughed land and for seedbed preparation.


3. Consolidation

In shallow cultivation it is important to leave the soil surface well consolidated, in order to create optimal conditions for germination of volunteer and weed seeds and decomposition of straw. Carrier is equipped with a steel or rubber packer that efficiently compresses the surface and finishes off the task. The diameter of the packer is 550 or 600 mm depending on model. For lighter soils with lower need for reconsolidation a cage packer can be fitted on Carrier 300 and 350.

Standard Features

V-55 conical disc
Rubber suspension
One disc - one arm One disc - one arm
Maintenance free bearings
Carrier folding Unique folding
Feature X-disc X-shape


CrossBoard Heavy CrossBoard Heavy
Straw harrow
CrossCutter CrossCutter Knife

Packer options

SteelRunner 180x110px SteelRunner
RubberRunner RubberRunner
CageRunner 164px CageRunner
CageRunner HeavyDuty 180x110 CageRunner HeavyDuty
Single SoilRunner Single SoilRunner


Towing eyes Flexible drawbar coupling
BioDrill BioDrill
Ballast weights
Carrier Brakes
470 mm disc for TD and CRX Disc 470 mm

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(trailed and 3-point linkage models)




Effective working width (m) 2,64 3,19 3,64
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,5 4,0
Transport height min (m) 1,4 1,4 1,4
Weight (kg) with SteelRunner (3-point linkage models)  1800 2000
Weight (kg) with CageRunner (3-point linkage models) 1300 1400 -
Weight (kg) with RubberRunner (3-point linkage models) 1600
1800 2100
Weight (kg) with RubberRunner (trailed models) 1900 2100 2300
No of discs 22 26
Disc spacing (cm) 25
Disc angle 16
 16  26
Brakes  - -
Recommended working speed (km/h) 10-14 10-14 10-14
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) -
 -  -
Hydraulic requirements (DA) (depending on CrossBoard or not) 1/2 1/2 1/2
Draught requirements from (hp) 85 100 110



Double acting








Effective working width (m) 3,94 4,94 6,44 7,94
Packer width (m) 4,2 5,0 6,5 8,2
Transport width (m) 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5
Transport height (m) 3,8 3,8 3,8 4,0
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) 4300 4900 5800 7700
Weight with RubberRunner (kg) 3600 4100 5100 6300
Number of discs 32 40 52 64
Disc spacing (cm) 25 25 25 25
Disc angle 16 16 16 16
Brakes H/P H/P H/P H/P
Recommended working speed (km/h) 10-14 10-14 10-14 10-14
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5
Hydraulic requirements (DA)
2/3 2/3 2/3 2
Draught requirements from (hp) 120 150 190 220



Double acting
H = Hydraulic
P = Pneumatic






Effective working width (m) 8,94 12,25
Packer width (m) 9,25 12,25
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0
Transport height (m) 4,0 4,0
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) 10000 11700
Weight with single SoilRunner (kg)  7900 9100
Number of discs 72 96
Disc spacing (cm) 25 25
Disc angle 16 16
Brakes H/P H/P
Recommended working speed (km/h) 10-14 10-14
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) 400/60x15.5 400/60x15.5
Hydraulic requirements (DA) 2/3 2/3
Draught requirements from (hp) 400



Double acting
H = Hydraulic
P = Pneumatic



Carrier X




Working width (m) 4,25 5,25 6,25
Packer width (m) 4,43 5,47 6,47
Transport width (m) 2,4 2,4 2,4
Transport height (m) 2,99 3,49 3,99
Weight with SteelRunner (kg) 3200 3800 4300
Weight with CageRunner (kg) 2500 3000 3300
Weight with CageRunner HeavyDuty (kg) 2700 3200 3500
Number of discs 34 42 50
Disc spacing (cm) 25 25 25
Disc angle 16 16 16
Brakes - - -
Recommended working speed (km/h) 10-14 10-14 10-14
Hydraulic requirements (DA)
2 2 2
Draught requirements from (hp) 150 200 250



Double acting


Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.