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Universal rollers

Väderstad offers two roller families - Rollex and Rexius. 

Rollex is the flexible roller in the narrower segment with a 4.5-6.2 m working width. Owing to the narrower working width, the roller has a somewhat lighter frame than the larger models, although it is very well-dimensioned (200x100x10 mm) for the working widths of Rollex. The transport wheels are 25.4 cm wide and perfectly adapted to the weight of Rollex. Rollex has a transport width of 2.8 m.

The Rexius rollers are built around a very substantial frame (250x150x10 mm) to withstand tough conditions. The frame also gives a higher weight per metre, up to 800 kg, which is an advantage during rolling. Rexius is available in up to 12.3 m working width and has a range of different roller options to choose from. The 6.5 m model can be extended to an 8.2 or 9.4 m working width. Rexius has an impressively narrow transport width of 2.5 m and comes supplied with sturdy 400 mm wide wheels, with tandem wheels either as standard or an option.

Rexius wing sections


Both Rollex and Rexius can be equipped with Crossboard Heavy levelling board. For improved bulldozing effect a stabilising bar can be used that will connect all Crossboard tines together. The working angle can be adjusted from the cab on the go. There are a number of features available for the Crossboard in order to cut clods or to break a crust.

Depending on main duties the roller can be equipped with different packer rings.

  • Cambridge rings - for normal rolling
  • Crosskill rings - for aggressive cultivation
  • Heavy Duty Cambridge - when extra consolidation is needed
  • Steel rings - when used behind a stubble cultivator

Rollex and Rexius can be trailed behind a cultivator when additional consolidation is needed. This way clods are crushed, soil moisture is kept in the ground and the number of passes are reduced.

BioDrill is available as an option for most rollers. BioDrill turns your roller into an efficient seed drill for establishing pasture, catch crops or other small seeded crops.

Rexius Crosskill Crossboard

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Product family Rexius

Rexius and Rollex

Master and slave system

Saves time, saves fuel, saves money!


1. Crushing and levelling (option)

The Crossboard Heavy crushes and levels huge volumes of heavy, cloddy soil. The working angle of the Crossboard can be controlled from the tractor cab on the go. In this way a wave of soil is pushed in front of the Crossboard. This grinding effect will even out the field and turn the clods into fine tilth.

The Crossboard can be equipped with single or double knives. The Single-Knife will cut clods in the top soil in order to reduce clod sizes. The Double-Knife is a good way to break a crust that prevents the plants from emerging.

Crossboard can be locked together with a stabilising bar for improved cultivation and levelling.

2. Consolidation

Rexius and Rollex can be equipped with four different types of consolidation press rings. Depending on the needs each ring has its own advantages.

Cambridge roller

The conventional Cambridge rings are a popular choice when mainly using the roller for consolidating seedbeds, pressing down stones or consolidating growing crops in the spring.

It leaves an even surface that is consolidated all the way to the top and hence achieves a good contact between the seed/roots and the soil.

Cambridge rings are available on Rollex 450-620 and Rexius 650-1230.

Crosskill roller

The aggressive Crosskill rings turn the roller into an efficient soil preparation tool. As every second ring turns with different speed it will crush clods and keep itself clean also in humid conditions. This also achieves a loose and crust-resistant surface, above the consolidated zone. The Crosskill ring can be used for rolling growing crops, but care should be taken as it might damage the plant leaves.

Crosskill rings are available on Rollex 450-620 and Rexius 650-1020.

Cambridge Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty version of the conventional Cambridge ring is a good choice when additional consolidation is needed.

Cambridge Heavy Duty rings are available on Rexius 650-1020.

Steel roller

The hardened steel rings break the heaviest clods. The aggressive profile will press down straw into the surface layer to ensure optimal decomposition. The steel ring is a good choice when connecting the roller behind a stubble cultivator.

Steel rings are available on Rexius 500-650.


Standard features

Narrow transport width roller Narrow transport width
Maintenance free rubber suspension Rubber suspension
Large stone trays Generous stone trays
Crossboard Master & Slave Master and Slave
Contour following
Wing joints Strong wing joints

Ring options

Packer Cambridge Cambridge rings
Packer Crosskill Crosskill rings
Packer Heavy Duty Heavy Duty rings
Packer steel Steel rings

Crossboard options

Crossboard Heavy Crossboard Heavy
Double-Knife Double-Knife


BioDrill 360 BioDrill
Drawbar extension Drawbar extension