Large Tempo with fixed frame

Väderstad continues to further develop the Tempo R. The steel-framed precision seed drill that connects to a tractor via a three-point hitch now has 18 row units.

18 row units with 457 mm row spacing

The new Tempo R 18 is designed to drill crops that require a smaller distance between rows. The Tempo R 18 is a precision seed drill with 18 row units and row spacing of 457 mm (18"), meaning the machine has a very high capacity.

Drill discs are available for sugar beet, rapeseed, cotton, sorghum, maize, sunflower and soya bean seed.

Tempo R 18 in action

Control over all row units

A Gateway in combination with E-Control or ISOBUS gives the operator full control of all the row units; individual row units can easily be switched off with a single tap on the display.

A Gateway in combination with the Tempo’s electrically powered metering units enables the setting of individual seed application rates for each row unit, as well as making tramlining easy to do. These are characteristics that can be very useful in certain situations, such as seed production. 

This technology also makes it easy to troubleshoot problems occurring in cables and sensors.

Built for high speeds

The row units – with PowerShoot technology that is unaffected by vibrations – are the same as on other Tempo models, which means that the precision seed drill can sow at speeds of up to 20 km/h with unsurpassed precision. The Tempo’s sturdy row unit also enables sowing in among everything from growing crops to cultivated fields.

The Tempo R 18 is available to order now.