Väderstad Award winner visits Väderstad

During 2013, the Väderstad Award was rolled out in France, Poland and Hungary. This award is aimed at young, clever and driven farmers. The concept behind the award is for Väderstad to reach new customers and attract more young farmers. It is hoped that this group of farmers will act as our future work partners in testing, product development and ambassadorship. 

The prize for the winner was slightly different in the three countries, but in all cases the top three winners in each country won a trip to Sweden. During this three-day trip, business was combined with pleasure. The main items were: presentation of the winners’ farms, a visit to the Väderstad production line, discussions about the future and farm visits.

“The Väderstad Award has provided us with a new network of fantastic young, driven farmers in different countries. We can bring this group together once a year to discuss new ideas and concepts and to learn from each other. The success to date means that during 2014 we will launch the Väderstad Award in Germany”, reported Linnéa Stark.

Award winners visit Sweden
French award Charles-Antoine Dewulf took first prize in the go-kart competition

Award winners visit Sweden
The top three winners from France, Poland and Hungary, together with Magnus Samuelsson, Crister Stark, Linnéa Stark, Maciej Matuszewski, Joel Plancon and Tibor Kalmar

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