97 out of 100 customers recommend Väderstad

Väderstad is launching a Happy Farmers Day event during spring 2014. Happy Farmers Day is based on the results of a customer survey in which 1500 existing customers around Europe were asked whether they would recommend Väderstad machinery to other farmers. The almost unbelievable outcome was 97 out of 100 customers would recommend that other farmers should buy a Väderstad machine.

Organised by dealerships and sales companies

Happy Farmers Day is being organised by dealerships and Väderstad sales companies.

What will the event consist of?

Existing and potential farmers will be invited to Happy Farmers Day. At the event, there will be a number of special offers on all Carrier and Rapid machines. Väderstad will also be offering a free Väderstad gilet, which farmers will receive at a later farm visit. 

Book a meeting, get a vest

Find out more about the event on the local website pages in your country or contact you Väderstad contact. The event will run for two months in spring 2014.